Revenge of the Nerds

I’m guilty! I’m so addicted with sweets. I love candies, all kinds of candies should I say; chocolate, gummies, hard or soft candy, everything. Recently, I got to thinking though that some candies are tremendously overrated.
Nerds  Candy is one of my favorite junk food way back high school. I remember going out with my classmates during lunch break to buy nerds at 7/11 near our school. One month before our wedding day, I was craving for some sour candies, as we passed by Candy Corner at MOA, I immediately noticed the colorful boxes which caught my attention, as I approach the booth I was surprised to saw different flavours of Nerds. I have never met anyone who doesn't like Nerds, but that doesn't stop them from being underrated. I think that Nerds are an iconic candy from the past 20 years, but seldom do they get the credit that other candies have received. I told Ian that I want to buy 1 box of Nerds.  Happily, my fiancé bought me one.

Akin lang 'to honey ha.. :p

Last Saturday, Ian and I are scheduled to watch Spider Man at Trinoma, I’ve been craving again for some sour candies, since we’re also plan to purchase chocolates for our ninangs I make it a point to buy something for my cravings, no other than “NERDS”. Well, this time Ian is too generous to buy me 5 different flavors of Nerds. Wow! (di naman siguro ako magkakasakit sa bato nito or magkaka Diabetics db?!)

This was the candy that I grew up munching on. Some say they have a sweet tooth. I think I have a sour tooth. Now, this is my new stress reliever especially our wedding day is approaching so fast.