Fight against HPV (Completed)

Yahoo!! Graduate na ko!!!

My 3rd and last shot for HPV Vaccine was done last Monday, July 2 here at our office. Well to tell you the truth I’m afraid of injections, yes! I always cried whenever a doctor inoculates me. But since I need to complete the 3 session for 100% protection against HPV, I have no choice but to conquer my fear. Whenever a doctor injects me, my sister holds my hand and helps me to calm down but this time I’m confident that I will not cry since I’m thinking that soon more injections will be done when I’m pregnant. Whoa!

The first shot was painful; the injection itself makes my arm heavier. The second shot was much painful compare to the 1st shot, according to the doctor the vaccine causes our body to produce antibodies to certain strains of HPV which allows our immune system to fight the virus when later exposed to it. Actually, I feel dizzy after my 2nd shot. My last shot was mild compare to the 1st and 2nd shot but still my arm hurts and feels heaviness after the vaccination.  I remember how the doctor told me, “After this shot, graduate ka na! Congratulations!” Haha. Thanks Doc!

Now, I’m confident that I already protected against any types of HPV that are most commonly responsible for cervical and genital warts and that I am also protected for at least five years and longer. Well, this is one of the things that I plan to do before getting married. .