Bulgogi Brothers

Every 24th of the month, we celebrate our monthsary together either out of town or food trip. But since in less than 2 months we will get married, we decided to put out of town out of our list (tipid mode ba!).  So Ian opted to do our usual dinner date, he asked me where I want to eat but I replied that anywhere is okay with me as long as I’m with him. (cheezzy).  Well, as all of you know one thing that makes Ian and I so compatible is our similar taste with restaurants!

Ian has been waiting to have a chance to eat at Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt (may nag tsismis sa kanya na masarap daw dito! haha), as Ian texted me that we are going to eat here my first impression was “ang bastos naman ng restaurant name.. haha”. So right after my window shopping, Ian fetch me at The Landmark and so our feet ended up making our dinner choice for us, leading us to Bulgogi Brothers. I don’t have any idea about this restaurant; this was my first time to hear this place so I am so excited to try their specialty.

Before we enter the restaurant, we borrowed their menu and review it. A very nice waitress approaches us and helps us to understand better what they offered until finally she convinced us to try their foods. We were ushered in, settled into one of the booths, and went through the menu, looking for the familiar must haves and not-so-familiar must tries Seeing the interior design of the place makes me feel comfortable. I love the light brick and dark wood interiors plus a very eye catching Asian painting on the wall. (Sorry, I wasn’t able to take pictures, busy kc sa pagbabasa ng menu.. Haha)

Pose muna bago pumasok.. :p

While reviewing the menu, the waitress set down the Tea of the day – Kyul Myungja Cha “ Cassia Seed Tea”. It stated that this tea is good for eyesight, eases headache and improves liver function.

Complimentary Tea

As soon as we placed our orders, we were also served the appetizer which I found yummy; A complimentary plate of boiled sweet potatoes, corn and quail eggs. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that all the appetizers are refillable. Gggrr.. Sana nakahingi pa ko ng quail eggs. Haha..

It wouldn't be a real Korean restaurant without the vegetable side dishes now, right? We had around three servings of the Korean salad with the spicy "magic sauce". Well, it is also their free appetizer and side dishes. Free Salad, Kimchi, kangkong and eggplant, I guess. Wow!

I give Ian the authority to choose our orders (since napakapili nya sa food!) Haha. Ian opted to try Dubu Steak, fried crispy dubu (tofu) with teriyaki sauce and bean sprout. Best ordered with Bokbunja Bohae.

Dubu Steak (6pcs) Php 245.00

I simply loved the crispy tofu with sweetish teriyaki sauce and topped with beef and bland bean sprouts. The best way to eat is to take a piece of tofu and top it with a little beef and bean sprouts. The combination of textures and flavors was just divine. The veggie steak had a nice crisp bite on the outside, which gave way to the soft, silken tofu on the inside. We were both really pleased with this appetizer.

Next in line is the Unyang Style. A famous royal cuisine Best ordered with Maechousun. Actually, Ian chose this is simply because it is heart-shaped! Haha.  (Na attract ang fiancé ko sa design!)

Unyang Style (6 pcs) Php 595.00

And as part of the restaurant service, the attendant cooks the beef in front of you. O kita mo sosyal! This minimizes your chances of smelling like barbecue.  It can get a bit smoky though; but no worries, the place do have good ventilation somehow plus a very nice and accommodating staff.

Smile :)

Finally our last order arrived, the Gwangyang Style Bulgogi - a seasoned beef with sweet sauce served with bean sprout, sesame leaf and green onions.

Gwangyang Style Bulgogi Php 595.00

After seeing our orders, we were shocked! Ang dami pala nating order! Di naman tayo gutom nyan ha.. 

Happy Couple.. ♥

Haha.. Overall, I really love their foods, it’s awesome! Actually, sa daming food may take out pa kami.. :p  
(Sorry guys, cellphone camera lang gamit dyan, bigat  magdala ng SLR.. Chos! Nag explain talaga.. hehe)

Bulgogi Brothers
Level 3, Greenbelt 5
+63 2 621 6216, +63 2 621 5289
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday: 11:00am - 11pm