New York Pizza Palace

"Feast like New York Royalty"

Here we are again, availing discount from website who offers discounts but this time to Remember, I got free DQ GC from them upon signing up; this will be my 1st time to try their service. This week they offer a taste of New York, for only Php 95.00 you can have One Jumbo Signature Pizza Slice and 1 Soda which originally valued up to Php 245.00 at New York Pizza Palace at A.Venue, this promo is only applicable to member since only one coupon per one account only. I love this deal since it can be used as a gift for friends or family, you can also use this coupon until August 31, 2011 and lastly, you can use it for Dine-In or Take Out.

Yesterday, Ian and I opted to use our coupon and try NY Pizza Palace. While reading some reviews about this resto, I discovered that NYPP offers Italian food and American style so expect for the large servings of pizza, pastas, salads etc. We arrived early and were greeted by the colorful lights and decorations of the place. I love the ambiance; you’ll feel you’re in another country since the walls are surrounded with different place in NYC like Broadway Nassau, Wall Street, Mulberry, Time Square, Yankee Stadium and other streets in New York City and the floor is created with the actual road surface.

Look! My honey is at the counter!

Another thing I like is the scrolling stock ticker and clinched TV screens on the ceiling which shows the actual or live feed directly from NY and actual updates on NY stock. Wow! Amazing! Plus a very cool graffiti on the walls and inside comfort room. The staffs are dressed with a New York Yankee jersey with DiMaggio written at the back. Cool! 

NYPP is a self-ordered restaurant so you need to place your orders at the counter, Ian ordered for our appetizer so he opted to try their Crispy Calamari. Slightly battered calamari with jalapeno rings, marinara sauce and lemon parsley aioli. Unlike the other Calamari instead of mayonnaise as a dip, they provide vinegar. 

Crispy Calamari Php 190.00

Since we only pay Php 95.00 for a one slice of Jumbo Pizza, Ian chose to get the higher price of signature pizza. He picked Prince Street Clam for me, one of their signature pizzas with anchovy and clam mixture, mozzarella, provole, Romano cheese, breadcrumbs and onions. At first bite, I told him that it tastes like sardines and has after taste but eventually I enjoy eating it. Take note, their slices are actually up to 9 inches. Now can you imagine how big the whole pizza is! Haha.

Prince Street Clam (Php 225.00 / slice; Php 1,630.00 for whole)

Ian prefers the NYPP Spicy Shrimp; another signature pizza with spicy shrimp, chili flakes, mozzarella and Romano cheese, garlic cloves and parsley. I love this pizza; you don’t need to put hot sauce since its already spicy because of chili flakes.

NYPP Spicy Shrimp (Php 225.00 / slice; Php 1,630.00 for whole)

Of course our coupon has a free drink and we chose Ice Tea for instead of soda.

Apart from their pizzas, their other dish such as pastas is very appetizing which makes us to decide trying one of their specialties, House Macaroni and Cheese. This is the traditional favorite mac and cheese with bacon, cheddar and mozzarella cheese topped with parmesan cheese. We really enjoyed eating this pasta; they are too generous in putting cheese on our pasta. It’s meatier and saucier than any pasta dish out there.  

House Macaroni and Cheese Php 215.00

Dining at NYPP is an experience in itself! Well, you don’t need to travel in New York City just to taste this one of a kind Jumbo Pizza but simply visit NYPP at A.Venue in Makati Ave.

New York Pizza Palace
Unit F105-F106 G/Floor
The A Venue Events Mall
Makati Ave., Makati City