Hyundai Run For A Cause: My 1st ever 10km Run

Wow! I finally accomplished my goal, to run 10km in marathon last Saturday. Yes! I’m love running and this is my only exercise to have a healthy life. My friend Gen send me PM and inform me about this Fun Run, as soon as I read their run details I immediate registered online and told myself that this is the right time to upgrade my distance category. Anyway, no registration free needed in this Fun Run but since this is FREE the registration is only from March 1-23 or until slots are available, you can also check out their Facebook account for more updates on registration dates, venues and race pack distribution.  

Official Race Kit
Official Race Map

This run is for the benefit of Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation (GK-CSI), St., Scholastica’s Priory, Habitat for Humanity and the Haribon Foundation. Now, this is another reason why I love to run not only for my own sake but also for the cause of the others.  The originally the run will held at The Fort but due to the large number of participants they change it and decided to occupied the Quirino Grandstand.

The assembly time is 4:30am, the following are the list of gunstart for this event:

10k Gunstart for Wave A: 5:00 AM
10k Gunstart for Wave B: 5:10 AM
10k Gunstart for Wave C: 5:20 AM

5k Gunstart for Wave D: 6:00 AM
5k Gunstart for Wave E: 6:10 AM
5k Gunstart for Wave F: 6:20 AM
5k Gunstart for Wave G: 6:30 AM
5k Gunstart for Wave H: 6:40 AM

I didn’t practice at all, I’m not confident if I finish 10km in 1 hour (as my target) but one thing for sure that I will reach the finish line and be proud of whatever time it takes. We arrive at Quirino Grandstand around 4:30am, there are masses of people on the streets waiting for their grunstart, and in this kind of situation, I can’t find my running friends. 

Before the run

The gunstart for 10km Wave A starts around 5:10am, Ian and I agreed that we will run and finish 10km together. I’m so thankful that he never leaves me and supports me when I’m almost giving up my run. Honestly, I’m so tired! This is my first time to run 10km but with him besides me, I believe that I can make it until finish line. Whenever I told him I’m giving up, he’s there to cheer me up, Thanks to my running buddy. As soon as we reached the U-turn slot for 10km, Ian and I keeps running and believe that we can finished the race together. 

U-Turn Slot
After the ruun
Our Official Time
10km runners!

We finished 10km for 1:28, finally we made it! We are both exhausted but seeing people cheering and looking at you, the feeling of tiredness slowly subside. I’m so happy that I run for a cause and looking forward for another 10km run soon.