Sunday is Family Day @ Krocodille Grille

Most Filipino Family celebrates Family Day during Sunday. Ever since, we practice this example. Usually we go to church and then have our lunch or dinner at mall. Last Sunday, my mom treats us for dinner to celebrate their post wedding anniversary. Well, my parents celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary last January 30. Sweet! After hearing mass at Greenbelt, my sister chose to try Krocodille Grille, this is my nth time in this restaurant so I already have an idea about their menu and the good thing about this restaurant is that they serve good Filipino food at affordable prices. Take note, they offer complimentary kropeck.

Free Kropeck

Ate Aissa is in-charge in choosing our orders, while I’m too busy taking photos of my parents. Haha. She ordered Pork Adobo Flakes Rice and Egg. I love the crispy flakes on top of the rice; it balances the sweetness of pork adobo sauce that mixes with rice. Well, there is no special about the egg, in fact none of us take it. Hehe. The rice serving is good for 2-3persons but still it depends on your appetite. 

Pork Adobo Flakes Rice and Egg Php 125.00

My mom added Seafood Rice, which is a combination of shrimp, squid, oyster and green peas. Personally, I didn’t like the seafood rice since it was too oily and sticky but guess what, my mom and dad loves it. 

Seafood Rice Php 125.00

Dining at Krocodille Grille will not be complete if you didn’t taste their Pork Sisig. Finely chopped pig’s head that boiled and fried with chopped onions, served on a sizzling plate with chili and calamansi. Usually sisig can has a raw egg and cook it along with the sizzling plate. Wow! I love the softness and crunchiness of their version of sisig!

Pork Sisig Php 170.00
We also ordered for Fat and Thin Noodles. It was covered with thin strips of carrots, shrimp, and other vegetables. We put some calamansi, to make it yummier; a perfectly -cooked noodles.

Fat and Thin Noodles Php 105.00

My mom craves for Chicken, so she adds Sizzling Flaming chicken. An ordinary chicken on a sizzling plate topped with sweet gravy sauce. 

Sizzling Flaming Chicken Php 220.00

JM order for Green Mango with Bagoong while ate aissa suggest to try the Krocs Baked Tahong which covered with sauté garlic and melted cheese. 

Green Mango with Bagoong Php 85.00

Krocs Baked Tahong Php 145.00

We had a scrumptious dinner and proved me one thing; my mom and dad are getting older as they are now looking for grandchildren.. Oh noh!

Mom and Dad

 Krocodille Grille
328 Greenbelt 3

Ayala Center, Makati City