Celebrating Chinese New Year @ Berjaya Hotel

For almost 54 months of being together, this is the first time that Ian and I celebrate Chinese New Year or so called “Lunar New Year or Spring Festival!” The Year of the Rabbit will be celebrated by Chinese communities in different parts of the world such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan and also in our country, Philippines. 

February 02, Wednesday around 9pm at Rizal Park, held their yearly New Year celebration; there are dragon and lion dances, fireworks display to driving away bad spirits, and the most awaiting countdown. There are also some bazaars that sell different items to bring good luck which both Filipino and Chinese citizens really enjoy the festivity. This is the first time that Chinese community in the Philippines celebrates New Year in this kind of feast in different location since they usually celebrate New Year at Binondo.  

Photos from ThePhilippines.Ph
Photos from ThePhilippines.Ph
We are not Chinese but we want to experience and participate in their celebration that’s why when Iriz told me about the Berjaya Hotel promo for PGMC employees, I immediately get one for us. It’s a gift certificate worth Php 450.00 good for two persons on a special buffet for Chinese New Year at El Prado Restaurant on February 3. Wow! 

I left Friendster office around 5:30pm and met Ian at Time Square around 6pm since it’s just a walking distance from Makati Avenue to Berjaya Hotel.  The hotel has a huge range of Chinese decorations such as red money pockets or Hong-Bao in Chinese containing an even amount of money which is a sign of good luck.  Well, as we all know, Chinese society really value monetary gift. There is also red lantern around the place which makes me feel like I’m in China. The some staffs wears Chinese outfit while others just wear red shirts. 

Main Entrance


Hong-Bao (Ampao)

Red Lanterns
At the entrance there are Tikoy or nian gao and mini Chinese calendar placed in one table. This sticky rice cake symbolizes unity in the family throughout the year, according to Chinese people, its sweet taste meant to symbolize good relationships. 


Mini Chinese Calendar
The buffet dinner was placed on the lobby. The place was too small that’s why there are only limited seats available, we were so lucky to have one near buffet table. Since its Chinese New Year, expect that the food they prepared were all Chinese cuisine. Well, I don’t have any problem with that as one of our favorite restaurant was North Park which all of us know offers Chinese dishes. Top of the list is Yang Chow Fried Rice which is known as one of the most popular when it comes to Chinese restaurant. (No picture for Tempura dish :( )

 Yang Chow Fried Rice and Steamed Chicken with Ginger Sauce

Garlic pepper Squid

Sweet and Sour Pork

Stir Fried Beef Schechuan Sauce

A live band welcomes and entertains the guest while having their dinner. 

In the middle of our feast, the event organizer starts the highlight of Chinese New Year celebrations, the dragon dance. This dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture. There are teams’ dancers who carry an image of Chinese Dragon on poles while the movements of their dance are like a river spirit in a flowing matter. They do breath-taking stunts which I really amazed; while Ian acts as a photographer, I’m in-charge as videographer. 

 My Friend Kathy together with his boyfriend also came to experience the feast. Yipee!!!

Kathy with her Boyfriend
Happy Couple.. ♥

The food was great; the ambiance is very cozy and elegant and the staffs are well-trained and accommodating. I promise Ian that one of this days we are going to try their room accommodations if PGMC gave me 50% discount.  Haha. Overall, we really enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year 2011 at Berjaya Hotel. 

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