Fried Ice Cream

Whenever we stroll at Glorietta, Ian and I always been curious by what they call "Fried Ice Cream". Yes! You heard it right, FRIED or COOKED Ice Cream! We have no idea how it could be since when you say ice cream it's supposed to be melt when hot but we wanted to see how they bake ice cream and still remain whole and icy. Out of curiosity, we tried it right away!

They have different flavors but since this was our first time to try it we chose a safer choice, Chocolate flavor. Haha. They also have 4 different packages; we tried the FIC 4 for Php 40.00 which includes 1 flavor of any coating dip or syrup, 1 candy toppings, 1 pastries toppings and 1 chocolate bar.

I saw how it made; a regular or ordinary ice cream out in a mixer or mini blender until it's completely molten and softened then put on a freezing pan then you see how the ice cream freezes again. When it's already compacted, the staff slowly scrapped from the pan and put it in a cup. For the final procedure, they put some toppings of your choice. Amazing!

2nd step

 3rd step

I love Fried Ice Cream! The taste is awesome! The price might be a little high for some but it's wort it, I tell you. Having ice cream that night makes our day complete! Well guys if you've never tried it, you should!

 FIC 4 Php 40.00

Fried Ice Cream
2nd Floor, Glorietta
Ayala Avenue, Makati City