I'm a very sentimental person and I want that whenever there's a special date or event I make sure to turn it into a memorable day. Since January 11, 2011 or 1-11-11 is somethings that will happens again after 100 years, I make it a point that on this day Ian and I will have unforgettable things to do that we both love, Food Trip.

Before this day comes, we already set our mind that we will get to taste what people have been fulminating and talking about, the BonChon Chicken at Ayala Triangle. According to their website, BonChon is two words that you'll definitely remember forever after trying a bite of their fried chicken. Whoa! Challenging! This restaurant is currently launched this year here in the Philippines, whereas in 2002, it was originated in Pusan, South Korea.

The place feels like a stylish fast food or should I say quick self-service restaurant where you can order at the counter and just wait for about 5 minutes for your food to be served. The ambiance was designed minimally, meaning the space is kinda small but comfy. They also have some tables and chairs outside where you can enjoy the beauty of Ayala Garden.

They have several dishes to choose from, value meals, side dishes, drumsticks, chicken chops and drinks but the most popular dish were the Chicken wings and legs that comes in two savors, the Soy Garlic and the Spicy Garlic. Smarla, one of my favorite food blogger advise me to choose the soy garlic, so I ordered small chicken wings with soy garlic sauce. The chicken wings are tasty, less greasy and really crunchy. You can taste the moisture from the sauce that you cannot even use a ketchup or gravy. I think they put a special secret sauce as a coating that was shipped from South Korea where it was originated. I salute the usual style of cooking that really brings out a wonderful taste and crispiness of the chicken. But take note of this, the servings are not that big unlike the chicken from Mc Do, Jollibee or KFC.

Small Chicken Wings Php 185.00 (6 pcs)

Ian ordered for French Fries. The fries were thick cut and served hot; for the better taste you'll be needing ketchup as a dip.

French Fries Php 45.00

Well, at the end of the day, I feel the prices are a bit too pricey but maybe because of how they prepared their dishes as well as the ingredients that is enough to validate its high price.

BonChon Chicken
Space 4 Ayala Triangle Garden
Ayala Avenue, Makati City