Brasserie Boheme by The Gustavian

Every 24th of the month, Ian and I celebrates our special day or some couple called it as “monthsary”, we make sure that on this day we are together and remembers the first day as couple. But this month, since I promised him that I’m going to treat him on our monthsary, we opted to celebrate it yesterday, January 25 which fell on our pay day. 

Ian suggests trying Brasserie Boheme in Legaspi St. since he already tried this restaurant few days before our monthsary when some of the big bosses arrived at their office and we were both game to try a new restaurant. He told me that this place is homey yet formal ambiance wherein we can talk privately. Wow! I’m so excited to visit this place and try their best seller, so I make our reservation few hours before our scheduled dinner. I fetch Ian around 6pm and go off in Brasserie Boheme.

As we entered the place I really surprised, Brasserie Boheme is cozy, very relaxing, well-lighted and romantic. The interior designs are high-class, modern, chic and fashionable with very comfortable couches. The wine collections at the end of the restaurant really impressed me. The table setting is well organized; the plates were inspired by Picaso provided with a cloth napkin plus candle lights to make it more romantic. Over all, I personally love the ambiance of the place, a perfect for intimate dinner for couple like us or even a business meeting. 

Beside the restaurant is their small delicacies shop, where you can buy chocolates, cakes or even freshly baked bread. They also have a mini bar where you can chose your favorite French wines while enjoying the superb scenery. 

 delicacies shop

 yummy :)

 mini bar

We had the Menu Du Jour Prix Fixe, a mix and match of a complete meal from set menu of soup or salad as appetizer, various selections for the main course and a dessert from the numerous menu choices and coffee or tea for only Php 490.00 + 10% Service Charge. Whoa! We were trying a three-course meal at Gustavian Restaurant! What a perfect date!

For appetizer Ian chose Caprese Salad, mixture of mozzarella, tomato, basil olives with balsamic vinaigrette. The serving was generous complete with a nice presentation. 

I chose House salad as my appetizer, a combination of mixed lettuce with smoked salmon, ripe mango in mustard dressing. The salads were very good, really fresh, the sweetness of ripe mango and saltiness of mustard dressing collides that makes my salad appetizing. Well, same as the Caprese Salad, I love how the chef presents it. 

After we had our appetizer, the staff presents our main course. Ian chose Chicken Curry with rice and pickled lime. The curry was excellent since it didn’t have after taste; the chicken was tender and tasty. The fineness of rice was good, there are two sauces to choose from, one is sweet sauce and the other one is sour sauce. 

Ian ordered Char-grilled Salmon for me with a runner bean with garlic and olive mash potato. The salmon was cooked well, juicy, mouthwatering and with the right texture. The mound of mashed potato is soft and full of chunks. Well, I’m not health conscious that night so I consume all carbo-loading without guilt. 

Every after meal, no matter how full we are, my tummy always has a special room for desserts, so we decided to get our chosen cakes. Ian picked Chocolate Truffle Cake while I chose Mango Trifle.
The mango trifle consist of sweet mangoes, cream and crushed graham crackers. The taste was perfect and it wasn’t too sweet, sad to say that they only give a small piece of this awesome dessert. Waahh. 

 Mango Trifle

 Chocolate Truffle Cake

Drinking cup of coffee or hot tea is the best way to end a meal. I’m not a coffee drinker since my mom didn’t allowed us to try it instead she require us to drink milk, Anlene specifically. Haha. Ian chose hot tea while I get brewed coffee, perfect combination for my Mango trifle. I appreciate the coffee since it was served hot and freshly brewed. It had a hint of sweetness even without sugar, but of course to make it yummier, I added sugar and milk. 

Hot Tea

 Brewed Coffee

Eating at Brasserie Bohome’s which is a fine dining restaurant is really worth paying. It wasn’t as expensive as you’d expect, can you imagine a complete 3-main course plus service charge and we only paid Php 1,068.00. Now, we are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year in this type of restaurant. 

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Brasserie Boheme
The Gustavian Picasso Boutique Hotel
119 L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village
Makati City
Tel. nos.   +632  4034774 and  +632 8281506