My Christmas Gifts from FS Family

When I was kid, Christmas is not complete without receiving any gifts from my parents. I remember during my elementary days, I'm so excited whenever my teacher announce our upcoming Christmas party and at the same time exchange of gifts. During our party, I always receive many gifts from my classmates and teachers which I immediately open whenever I get it. So when I got home my mom was surprised about the things that I collect from our school and because of that she honors me as "Most Friendly" in our class! Whoa! Thanks Mommy!

Now that I'm working and earning my own money to spend my luxury, every Christmas I make sure to provide gifts for my love ones and for the street children in return of all the blessings that I received for the whole year. For me, the happiness that you bring to every people especially in need is priceless and really worth it.

I'm proud to say that I'm a friendly person, a loyal friend and trusted person. I don't judge people easily and even I don't need to please everybody, I make sure as much as possible not to make any trouble with them. I guess this is one of the reasons why I receive many gifts from officemates, former officemates, suppliers, friends and even those people that I don't expect to give me some stuffs.

1st batch

2nd batch

Thank you all for the gifts; I really appreciate how much you value me and our friendship.

Advance Merry Merry Christmas!