A special gift from a very special person

As all of you know, Ian and I are together for almost 53 months or should I say 4 years and 5 months. We encountered lots of problems and difficulties in life, but still remain together stronger than before. Yesterday, I received a very special gift from him, I didn't expect anything since we've been together almost every day (24/7) and he has no time to buy gift for me. Haha. Unfortunately, I'm wrong! I remember that there are days that we're not able to see each other, during his practice for Christmas party presentation and our Christmas party last December 10. Gggrr...

During Christmas Eve, after hearing mass and having our noche buena with family we open our gifts together. I received lots of gifts from my friends, relatives and officemates but one thing that caught my attention is Ian's gift. He told me to hold it tightly since it's fragile. So I make sure that my last gift that I will open will be his gift.

I was surprised when I saw this Nokia Box, Whoa! What a special gift from a very special person,  Nokia C3! I love C3 phone since its very user-friendly with a QWERTY keyboard. It is designed for socializing, it has built-in social networking services (Twitter, Facebook etc.) as well as the presence of Ovi Chat and the availability of Wi-Fi connectivity which makes communication more accessible. Wow! I love it so much!

 my new phone.. ^_^

I remember one time when we are strolling around at Glorietta, he keep on asking me what is the best color for me, pink? gray or bright white. Then, I immediately answered "White" not knowing that he is asking for my taste because he already plan to give this phone as his Christmas gift. Haha. Slow minded RN!

Anyway, thank you honey for such a wonderful gift. I really like it and promise to take care of it. Iloveyou!