Fish out of Water

December is one the busiest months for me, and one of the things that make me busy is attending lots of Christmas party. After my Christmas party with college friends last Friday, I was able to meet my former colleague from WTS last Saturday for our Christmas dinner. We already know our baby since we had picked up the names the last time we had our dinner.

After our Christmas party with F21 Manila together with kids at Jollibee PRC, Ian and I had our window shopping at Greenbelt and Park square to look for his new baby, (Canon 60D) and at the same time try to look for the best place to have our dinner. Since we are fed up with pork and chicken, we chose to try some fish dish for feast. As we passed by Greenbelt 5, Ian noticed Fish out of Water; we first tried this restaurant in 2008. Ever since, I sometimes go back there to try out something different.

Fish out of Water offers aquarium/oceanic type of ambiance. I love the interiors, the spacious, table settings and well-lighted restaurant which gives the customer the sophisticated vibe. The interior is designed to catch interest of the people who dine-in, very relaxing and it is absolutely nice place to mingle with family or group of friends. In this restaurant you can see the window peering over the kitchen for you to have a glimpse on how the chef prepares your food.


I also amazed about their menu book, on front you can read some stories with artworks about the restaurant and on the other side you can see the menu list.

While waiting for Aloi to arrive, we decided to order for appetizer. I chose Crispy shrimp and crablets, small shrimps and crablets served with onion-sukang pinakurat. I love the crispy crablets, you can eat the shells since it was not too salty. After a while, we ate everything not knowing that we're still waiting for Aloi. Haha.

Crispy shrimp and crablets Php 195.00

When Aloi arrived, we placed our main dish. I order Klasik Kare-Kare, mixture of oxtail and tripe peanut stew with steamed vegetables and sweet chili shrimp paste.

 Klasik Kare-Kare Php 285.00

Ian is carving for some fish dish, so he opted to try Crisp Changi Butterfield Tilapia, a crispy fried open tilapia with coconut pepper sauce.

 Crisp Changi Butterfield Tilapia Php 298.00

Aloi added twice cooked pork belly, a combination of slow braised pork belly with sweet dark asado sauce, soft tofu, roasted garlic peanuts and soft boiled quail egg.

Twice cooked pork belly Php 395.00

One of the reasons why I come back to any restaurant is because of their service and since Fish out of Water is good and efficient, I promise to try this place again. The food is awesome which carries Filipino dishes and each servings is big enough for sharing. Well, I have nothing to say about the staffs, they were all friendly and accommodating.
 Aloi, RN and Rhon

  couple ♥

It was another night of fun as we exchange our gifts and enjoy the photo session with Ian.

showing our gifts.. ^_^

Fish out of Water
Level 3, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City