Seafood Island with my Girlfriends

Being with my college buddies is one of my favorite things to do because when I'm when I'm with them O can be myself. So last Thursday we finally meet-up again, Charize was the one who planned this get-together which is actually a girl's night out meaning no boys allowed for the meantime so that we can talked about some girl's thing. I'm so excited to meet them since I have so many questions to ask especially Jhoy. I'm so curious why some of my closest friends are getting engaged, getting married or soon-to- be mom. Am I too late for this? Hhmm.. I don't think so; I'm only 25 and still enjoying my life as of this moment. Hehe.

Charize and I opted to meet at Landmark one hour before our scheduled get-together to have more time to talk, but unfortunately she arrived at our meeting place 30 minutes late. Huhu. She decided to give another try at Bubba Gump because she has as free main dish when you purchased at least Php 500.00 worth of their products but sad to say she forgot to bring the gift certificate and for that reason, we have no choice but to choose another place for dinner. We decided to try our Seafood Island, a newly open restaurant in Greenbelt 3.

We were greeted by cheerful waitress wearing a nice uniform and assists us in our seats, she also invites us to try their specialty.The place was nice and comfy, the staffs are accommodating and I like their wall decorations.

While waiting for Cha to arrive, we decided to place our orders. With the help of one staff we opted to try their Pagudpud Surfers Boodle which is good for 3-4 persons, one of their specialties and a must-try dishes. We got surprised when we saw that the food was placed in a big wood covered by banana leaves surrounded with a different varieties of grilled dishes including fish, squid, liempo, steamed crab, fish dinengdeng (a version of Pakbet with fish on top) and binagoong rice.

Pagudpud Surfers Boodle (3-4 persons) Php 895.00 + 10% Service Charge

At first glimpse we assumed that we weren't able to consume all of these foods s the time goes by, we noticed that there are only few left over. Haha. While eating, Jhoy shares her new life with Ryan, the preparations for their upcoming baby and the plans of getting married again in Church; Cha shares her problems same as Charize while I also shares my dilemma and of course, some happy moments.

Tres Marias

meet my girlfriends ^_^

Jhoy, Cha, Charize and RN

After dinner,  we had some desserts at Starbucks. Sharing again our unending stories and all of a sudden Cha introduced her friend with us. (ehem!) which is according to her they are going to have some drinking session afterwards. (I smell something fishy!) Hehe.

Our dessert (Charize and Mine)

Jhoy's dessert

Cha's dessert

The AMAers

Cha's special friend (Magkaribal series with Charize!)

We all enjoyed and had fun that nigh, one of a kind bonding moments with my precious friends.

Seafood Island Ilocano North Shore Grill
Level 3, Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City