SaturDATE Dinner @ Dencio's

After we watched Musical Fountain Show at Ocean Park, we decided to stroll at Robinson's Place in Manila. Choosing a place where to have dinner during weekend  sometimes presents a bit of a challenge for us because of the many options available, after searching for the best place to dine in, we settle and had our dinner at Dencio's. We've tried this restaurant countless times and I can say that we really love their sisig. The place was not crowded when we arrived and the staffs are not accommodating since they left us alone to find our seats.

This is a good place for group meals and inuman sessions due to the attractive prices and beer match dishes that they offer. For this dinner, we both agree to order 2 main dishes. First, the most famous "Crispy Sisig", but according to Ian the sisig was just okay. He noticed that the quality of their sisig isn't good as it was before. We expect too much that there would be crispy pork skin like chicharon since the dish is named "Crispy Sisig". Well, as we taste it and make some conclusions that this is actually meant more for pulutan rather than a dish itself.

Crispy Sisig with Egg Php 200.00

Next is we order for Sinigang na Hipon which is one of our favorite dishes. The sinigang served in hot with a right sinigang flavor and the seafood with other ingredients used were definitely fresh. It has a very tempting taste that everyone must enjoy to eat. I love the main ingredient of this dish, Tamarind or Sampaloc because it gives natural sour and unique taste. Well, they even let you taste the sourness before they serve it.

Sinigang na Hipon Php 260.00

After this scrumptious dinner we got surprised when we asked for the bill, they told us that the POS (Point of Sale) machine doesn't work. So they just give us a small piece of paper wherein they write the dishes that we ordered which is manually computed. Then, when they give us back our change, they don't even provide us copy of official receipt. One staff told us that they can only provide a hand-written copy of what we ordered since they cannot provide official receipt. Well, I think this restaurant should remember that they are ALWAYS/OBLIGE to provide OFFICIAL RECEIPT and if they don't give anything meaning they don't pay the tax.

Robinson's Place
Ermita Manila