Revisiting Bohol

For our 2nd day trip, we opted to visit the city of Bohol. I've been here last May during JM's birthday celebration and I can totally say that this is one of my favorite places to visit. The people are very friendly and accommodating. We left Cebu around 7:30am in order for us to catch the 1st schedule ferry via Super Cat which depart from Cebu by 8:30am. Travelling via high-speed cruiser took us 2 hours to reach the city of Bohol. Super Cat is like a ship which we rode during our Macau adventure last July. Of course, we take this opportunity to have some photo ops inside the ferry.

photos taken by Jandi

After 2 hours in ferryboat, we finally reach the port of Tagbilaran City. We actually got package for 15 pax with 1 kid at Coco Groove for only Php 2,400.00 for adult and Php 1,500.00 for kid, very cheap right?! This package includes airport transfer, room accommodation for 4 persons, daily breakfast, city tour on 1st day and island hopping with dolphin watching on 2nd day.

So for our 1st day, we chose to visit the famous tourist spots in Bohol. We first stop at Loboc River unfortunately, they cannot accommodate all of us and because of this we need to wait for about 40 minutes before our turn and in this case we chose to visit the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary for a while which is located near the Loboc River.  I'm so happy to see the Tarsier again which is considered as the world's smallest monkey and only weigh for about 114 to 150 grams. You can see their big eyes and believe it or not their heads can rotate for almost 180 degrees. Whoa! You cannot touch them because according to some tourist guide, they have a suicidal attempt due to stress. So guys, don't miss to visit this place!

photo taken by Otep

tarsier ^_^

happy family ^_^

After 40 minutes of exploring Tarsier Sanctuary, we finally go back in Loboc River to take our late lunch. We keep on waiting for about 10 minutes in their waiting area and give us another opportunity to take some photo ops.

happy pink day.. ^_^

Finally, it's our turn to experience the famous floating restaurant. I really enjoy my 1st visit here with my family and I can say that this is a one of kind experience you shouldn't miss! The foods were the same, scrumptious and mouth-watering. Ian and I enjoy eating using our hands, for us it is the best way in eating seafood especially crabs. drools..

photo taken by Ian

photos taken by Otep

Ian and I also grab this chance to take couple shots. For us, this is one of romantic cruise we ever had as of this moment. ♥

before the cruise

photos taken by Ian

After an hour, the cruise was about to end. In our itinerary, our next destination is to visit  the famous place one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Chocolate Hills. This is the place I really admire most, know why because can you imagine this is not a man-made artifacts. They look like a chocolate kisses or some say it looks like pregnant woman or other say they look like a giant mole. The chocolate hills are covered with grass which sometimes turns into chocolate brown during dry season.

photo taken by Emman

This place is very relaxing and for just a short period of time I failed to remember all my problems left in Manila.

photos taken by Ian

 YMCA.. Hehe.. (photo taken by Jandi)

Our next stop is the Butterfly Conservation Center. An educational place where in a tourist guide showed us the different kinds of butterfly, male and female and guess what, we got surprised when he told us that their is also a 3rd sex butterfly. What?! Yes you heard it right!

3rd sex butterfly

He also showed us the life cycle of butterfly, from egg, caterpillar, pupa or cocoon and fully grown butterfly. Andie, our cute little girl in the group really enjoys this place since our tour guide showed us some images of butterfly in cardboard while explaining it. This center tries to protect and preserve the natural environment of the butterflies. They are also dedicated in raising butterflies populations.

This place has a garden where in you can interact with actual butterfly. You can touch them and even place it in your hands, shoulder or even nose like what we did!

photo taken by Otep

photo taken by Jandi

Ian and I enjoy taking pictures at the open landscape with mini bridge and flower garden.

photos taken by Ian

And before we reach Coco Grove where we will stay for 2 days, we opted to visit and stop at Man-Made Forest. We couldn't imagine how Bohol people made this forest which became a tourist spot. When I first saw this forest it reminds me some scene from "Twilight". Well, let's wait until some foreign directors shoot in this place. Man-Made forest consists of thousands of Mahogany trees that were planted by their ancestors. I really love the formations of blossoming green forest; it's so beautiful and magnificent sights that need to be captured for remembrance.

I ♥ you honey...


it's a plane.. no it's a bird.. no it's superman!!!

photos taken by Ian

Since all of us want to take a photo in the middle of the road, we immediate stand up Ian's tripod and with the use of his remote control we had taken this picture perfect but please exercise a lot of caution since this is regular road where vehicles always passed by.

photos taken by Ian

And for the final stop, we visit the Church of our Lady of the Immaculate Concepcion or known as Baclayon Church which considered be one of the oldest church in the Philippines. Baclayon Church looks very lovely during night.

photos taken by Ian

We missed to visit the well-known hanging bridge, Blood Compact and Python since we had little time in exploring Bohol; a very tiring but enjoyable day. This is how out countryside tour of Bohol went out.