CNT Lechon

CNT Lechon is the most popular lechon (roasted pig) restuarant in Cebu. Our group never fails to taste this one of a kind food trip experience in Cebu.

We arrived here around 12:15pm and get surprised because the place was crowded. It is like a food court so don't expect that you will be relax and at ease. You need to get first a number and wait for your turn before they take your orders. (Self-Service) There are many people lining up and after a long queue, we had our turn to order.

We had 2 kilos of crispy lechon and 4 orders of vegetables. I can't remember the exact price of 1 kilo of Lechon but as far as I remember it ranges from Php 320.00 - Php 350.00 which is very affordable and really a good meal. It will give you additional energy for the afternoon's adventure.

Tender Juicy Lechon

Fresh Vegetables

The soft tender meat is definitely mouth-watering and the skin is truly crunchy. Here, the lechon is not dipped in the usual gravy but in the mixture of soy sauce with vinegar and chili for the sauce. I really love the combination of these sauces because it balances the sour and bitter flavor which makes our lunch tasty.

Soy Sauce and Fish Sauce

Red Chili


The food was all right and quiet cheap since we only pay Php 87.00 / person for our superb lunch. According to the staff, their lechon goes out of stock in late afternoon, so a piece of advice it is better to come early if you buy bulk orders.

CNT Lechon
1377 Rama Avenue, Guadalupe
Cebu City