UBBE: Dolphin Watching and Virgin Island

For our 2nd day in Bohol, exciting activity is about to happen. We are schedule for Dolphin Watching and Island Hopping the whole day, so our group prepared for our best swimsuit attire. Lolz! We woke up early, had our breakfast and left Coco Grove around 7am. We arrived at Panglao 30 minutes past 7 in the morning and from the coast, one ferry boat is waiting for us. We travelled for about an hour before we finally reach the Pamilacan Island where we experience one of the best dolphin watching. I also took a chance to enjoy the rising of the sun, fresh air in the middle of the sea and thank God coz I really felt so blessed.

photos taken by Ian

It's not easy to find dolphins since there are lots of boat with tourists who also want to catch them dancing, all you need to do is wait until you spotted them playing with each other. We keep on waiting until we finally saw them. It's hard for me to capture them closer since I only have my kit lens with me. So some pictures in this website are come from Ian's camera.

photo taken by Jandi

I ♥ Dolphins

After an hour of dolphin watching, we decided to visit the Virgin Island. We went around exploring the grounds of breathtaking beach and doing some shots of the islands spectacular view. The island is absolutely an attraction due to its pristine waters with long curved stretch of powder-like white sand connecting the island. I think it so called Virgin Island because nobody live here.

Virgin Island ^_^

Powder-like sand (Shoreline)

♥ US ♥

We also saw some fisherman who sells sea urchins. This is my first time to see it face to face, I get surprised when he told me that you need to eat in raw. Whoa!

But as we reached the middle of the island, we were amazed by the beauty which was revealed.

photo taken by Jandi

photo taken by Ian

There are lots of palm trees and different kinds of trees which proved me that Virgin Island is definitely breathless.