Spaghetti Factory

We plan to have Ian's pre-birthday celebration last Friday by having scrumptious dinner at Spaghetti Factory. We already tired this restaurant before and we are satisfied not only with the food they offer but also the service they gave us that's why we decided to to try it again. When it comes to delicious and mouth-watering pastas and pizza, you would possibly put Italian on top of your list since Italian restaurant is one of the best and will satisfy your Italian cravings! Spaghetti Factory offers wide selection of pizza and pasta at affordable price.

The place is perfectly good since it was overlooking Glorietta 4 main entrance and Ascott Hotel; you can see the vehicles, the people walking around the streets and the other activities within the vicinity. We prefer to seat inside the restaurant for more comfy. It was also attractively furnished with their decorations and promos; you can also see some articles and review from magazine and news paper where they came out hang on the wall. Well, despite of this eye-catching design, I was not happy with the space, it was too small.

Ian ordered for Caesar Salad as our appetizer. It is the traditional recipe with Parmesan cheese, anchovies, bacon bits and Caesar dressings. Our starter relives our hungriness for the meantime.

Caesar Salad Php 139.00

Ian chose the Mafia Pasta Italian Sauce. It is a combination of sliced juicy Italian sausage cooked in hearty tomato herb with garlic bread on side.

without cheese

with cheese

Mafia Italian Sauce Php 169.00

I opted to try their Carbonara alla Elizabeta, a mixture of ham, egg, bacon, secret herb and cream sauce. I really love how they make the creamy sauce, the correct combination of herbs and spices plus the not too soft of fettuccine flat strands makes my Carbonara appetizing.

Closer look

Carbonara Php 169.00

We also try their pizza, so we ordered for Hawaiian Regular Thin Crust Pizza. There is no special thing about their pizza other than the ordinary Ham, Pineapple and Mozzarella as main ingredients they added cherry on top.

Hawaiian Regular Pizza Php 139.00

For drinks, Ian prefer to grab Mango Shake which you can really taste the fresh mango fruit.

Ripe Mango Shake Php 79.00

I like the service they provided with us. They were very kind and served our orders with a big smile. They also introduce us to some of their promos like "Facebook photo contest" where you will just take a shot of yourself, family, love ones or friends dining at Spaghetti Factory, become a fan of Spaghetti Factory and post your pictures at Facebook, then you have the chance to win a dinner for two worth Php 500.00. So great! That's why we ask one staff to take us photo for us to join in this competition.

Happy Couple ^_^

Spaghetti Factory is a food place worth trying. The dishes we ordered were really good! This is one of the places that I highly recommend when it comes to delectable food with affordable and authentic Italian dishes. It's a tasteful treat for both of us and we will give this restaurant another try soon!

Spaghetti Factory
2nd Level Glorietta 5
Ayala Center, Makati City