Special Birthday Gifts

I used to give Ian a surprise last Friday as part of his pre-birthday celebration, unfortunately my plan failed. My arrangement was to send him a birthday cake at their office for him to eat together with his officemates during merienda but sad to say, one staff from Goldilocks keeps me waiting for 20 minutes just to get my order. When I arrived at his office, Ian told me that he already at our office waiting for me. In short he left his office to pick me up, so I have no choice but to walk back in our office to meet him. At first I was upset but then I realized that I need to be okay and happy; I make it a point to have my alternative plan will happen. So after our scrumptious dinner at Spaghetti Factory, give my surprise birthday cake and open it. Upon looking to Ian's face, I saw his happy and dazzling smile. I'm satisfied with what I saw despite that I didn't succeed with my previous plan.

Birthdays will not be complete without Birthday Cake!

We set this pre-birthday celebration since I need to give my special gift. So are ready to know my special gift for him?! Well, here it is..

Opening the gift ^_^

Excited to see what's inside the silver box?

Yes! A Sport Watch from Rudy Project!

When I give my gift to him, he were really thankful and keeps on telling me "WOW! Ang Ganda! Thank you Honey!" I simply reply to him and say "Bagay na Bagay Sa'yo!". I know he really likes to have a sports watch since we keep on running every month he want to know his pace and for the other reason to have an alternative watch.

Wearing his new sports watch!

Testing Mode ^_^

I'm so happy that he likes my special birthday gifts and I know at some point I bring a big smile on his face.