Ah Yat Tian Xia

After our long and tiring day at Ocean Park, Symphony of Lights and Avenue of Stars we decided to have our super late dinner. We left our things at our room then walked along the road. Ian and I really love to experience new things in Hong Kong and one of our priorities is to try their foods. Since Mc Do is out of our list, we opted to try the Ah Yat Tian Xia restaurant. We were greeted by a courteous waitress and inform us that she will give us big discount. Whoa!

Ah Yat Tian Xia is a sit down middle-class fast food restaurant. The ambiance is cozy and very relaxing; the staffs here are service-oriented and always give their big smile, the comfort room is clean and the food was great. They are really prompt in serving their foods as well as they provide you hot tea even if you don't ask for it. Since we have no idea about the food they served, we base our orders in the pictures.

Table Arrangement

Free Hot Tea

Note: Sorry I can't remember the price that we ordered as well as can't read our receipt because it was written in Chinese.

Ian ordered for Chicken Teriyaki placed in a sizzling plate. The meal was big, enough to accommodate 2-3 persons. The fresh vegetables included in the meal were juicy; the chicken itself  was squashy and easy to cut into pieces.

Chicken Teriyaki

I opted to try their Fish Fillet in Pepper Sauce. The food was really awesome; I like the spicy flavor that topped on the fish, the fresh tomato and lettuce on side makes it yummier. They are too generous about giving me extra sauce placed on top of my rice.

Fish Fillet in Pepper Sauce

Since I'm craving for some noodle soup, we ordered Pork Ramen Noodle soup. We were surprised when we saw our order; it was placed in outsize bowl which can be eaten by more than 2 persons. The soup was not really good since it has after taste according to Ian, but for me it enough to satisfy my desire for HK soup.

While eating, one staff asked us why we order too much and I answered him simple as this "We were not informed that the meal here was already good for 2 persons, if only you informed us ahead of time we will just order 1 main course!" Haha.

While waiting for our bill, one thing caught my attention; I was wondering why the management placed this fascinating stuff toy on the table. I asked Ian to take me photo together with this E.T. Do I look scared? Well, I'm not but I was surprised when the manager told us that they became more popular because of this thing, there are lots of visitors who took some photos and upload it facebook according to him.

Since this is very amusing, we ask for the manager to take us family photo. Lolz!

By the way, we pay HK$150.00 for this scrumptious dinner.

Ah Yat Tian Xia
Unit 24-25, 5th Floor
Super Brand Mall
168 West Lujiazui Road, Hong Kong
website: http://www.ahyattianxia.com/