360° Restaurant

After we explore the indoor and outdoor part of tower, Ian and I decided to have our late lunch. We make our reservation first and wait until 3pm for our turn. We lifted from ground floor up to 60th floor, when I stepped out the elevator I saw the delectable spread of cakes, cookies, fruits and other mouth-watering desserts which lay where elevator entrances located and beyond the dessert spread, a breathtaking view of Macau in panorama. Well, you can also see people jumping off the bungee platform. Whoa!

Dessert Section

Blueberry Cake

We were lucky to be seated on window side with the overlooking Macau. As I said to my previous blog, 360° restaurant is the highest revolving restaurant which offers whole and best buffet experience. I asked Ian to get his appetizer first while I'm too busy enjoying the scenery. The place is so romantic, a high-class restaurant should I say with a delicious buffets caters for all tastes makes our anniversary celebration memorable.

Table Arrangement

When it's my turn to grab my starter, I immediately make my own version of Caesar Salad which is my favorite appetizer. I really love the taste since I personally made it, the mixture of fresh vegetables with the combination of sauces plus the extra topping makes my entrée more delicious.

My own version of Caesar Salad

We really enjoy eating here that is why we overlook to take some photos of our food but when I got a chance to walk around the area; together with my camera I capture every food setting spot. This restaurant is no doubt to be one of the most interesting dining experiences in Macau which serves wide variety of cuisines from Continental to Southeast - Asian, Chinese, Macanese, Japanese and even Indian food.

Salad Station

Noodles Section

Bread Station

Main Course Section

Chinese Cuisine

After an hour and half, the 360° revolution told that time had passed. The total dining experience here will make a colorful part of our Macau memory. Now, I could not deny that 360° restaurant claimed as the "best buffet with the best view around."

A captured moment in the spin that takes about an hour and half to come up with full circle. ♥♥♥

360° Restaurant
Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre
Largo da Torre de Macau