Joey's Pepperoni Pizzeria

I've sent SMS to Ian last Monday morning and request him if we can have dinner at Joey's Pepperoni since I'm craving for some pasta and pizza. Thank God, he grants my favor since I told him that it's my treat. Haha. He picked me from office and immediately rides a cab that will transport us to The Columns. Actually, we already try this restaurant at Robinson's Manila branch. We enjoy the 50% discount for all pizzas that they offer. But this time they replaced it to two pizzas for the price of one. You have two options whether you get the two 8-inch pizza for Php 199.00 or two 12-inch pizza for Php 399.00 but unlike before that you are free to choose for the flavors of pizza but now the choices are now limited to Pizza Messicana and Bacon Mushroom Special.

Upon entering the restaurant, a friendly staff assists us to our seats. The place was small, it consists of 7 tables upstairs and other tables are found outside the restaurant. We were lucky to have our seats inside. There is only one comfort room for boys and girls that's why Ian told me not to use the restroom since it's not in good condition, to be specific the smell was not fine.

I'm craving for Caesar Salad so I ordered 1 Classic Caesar Salad. Their salad consists of crisp lettuce, bacon, crunchy croutons served with ccreamy Caesar dressings topped with parmesan cheese. It is really good appetizer before you take your main dish.

Classic Caesar Salad Php 110.00

Ian choose the Bolognese Meat Sauce; it is a classic Filipino meat sauce with garlic bread on side. The serving was enough for one person. I love the flavor of the meat sauce especially when you match it with the strong spirit of garlic bread and pizza. Ian didn't consume all of it so being a nice and good girlfriend I help him. Haha.

Bolognese Meat Sauce Php 155.00

I love Carbonara that's why I choose to order one for me. The carbonara that they offer is made of creamy Alfredo sauce, bacon bits and Parmesan cheese. To make my carbonara more appetizing I added a little pepper on top of it.

Carbonara Php 165.00

Since we are both craving for pizza, we prefer to try their promo. We get the two 8-inch pizza for Php 199.00 but since it's limited only for Messicana and Bacon Mushroom special, we opt to try both. Pizza Messicana is made of beef toppings, bacon, cheddar cheese, lots of mushroom and Mexican seasoning. I didn't like it, maybe because of the Mexican seasoning added on top of it but I really love the crisp of their thin crust pizza.

Pizza Messicana

I try the Bacon Mushroom special that we ordered. It catch my attention when I saw the melted cheese topped with plenty toppings of bacon and mushroom; without any hesitation I grab one. It didn't disappoint me unlike the Messicana, I love the flavors of the toppings especially when you match it with a hot sauce.

Bacon Mushroom Special

For the drinks, Ian tries their Bottomless Iced Tea while I choose to have their regular Iced Tea.

Bottomless Iced Tea Php 50.00 / Regular Iced Tea Php 30.00

Joey's Pepperoni Pizzeria
Ground Floor Tower 2, The Columns
Ayala Avenue, Makati City