Together again after 9 years...

After our whole day event last Saturday, our next activity was my high school friends' reunion. Actually this was re-scheduled from June 12 to June 19 since some of us have work. So finally, the most awaiting meet-up happened. We arrived at Mall of Asia around 8:30pm, the first person who get there is Gian followed by Mon with his girlfriend Cathy and then Jaja my best friend with her boyfriend OJ. I really get surprised when I saw them since it's been 9 years since the last time I met them. Gian still the same, as well as Mon but what I was surprised most is when I saw my best friend Jaja. I hug and kiss her because I really miss her so much. We have issues during high school days that until now we are not talking about, but now I can proved to myself that time will heal everything.

I ask them where to eat but they said anywhere, so I suggest trying Tempura. Upon entering to the said restaurant, the waitress told us that they cannot accommodate us since the cooking will be served after 30 minutes. I told them the situation and thank God Cathy suggest in trying Taste Asia. I really miss my friends; I can't imagine that I'm with them that time. It brings back all the memories we've shared during High School life, the laughter's , the crying moment and the 'kilig" moments as well. I love this group because with them I can be all by myself , I share my problems with them and happiness, I can even tell my secrets with them because I know they will keep it for the rest of our lives.

Here are some of our high school photos.

 @ Our House

          Jaja during our H.S Days      

with Jaja during high school days

Can you imagine that this is the last time that we've been together and now here we are, have our own life, enjoying our lives after 9 years and still continuing our journey and make our dreams come true.

Ian, RN, Jaja and Lyka @ Taste Asia

Group Picture

Gian is currently working at Allied Bank in Makati.


Mon, Jaja and Lyka are registered nurse.

My Best Friend Jaja


Mon with his girlfriend Cathy

While I am Executive Assistant in one of the top 10,000 companies in the Philippines.

with my long lost best friend

Jaja is presently 5 months pregnant wit OJ, our batch mates in Paco, Lyka is now single mom with her 6 year old son LJ, while Mon and Cathy are going strong for almost 7  years. Unfortunately, our other friends weren't able to come like Jhay-Ar who is currently working at Canada, while Jaja and Raffy are both busy in their family affairs. But even though they didn't come in this reunion, we make it a point to enjoy that night. It's so nice and very overwhelming to see them again, same old stories and shares laughter's again. Of course, we takes this opportunity to take lots of pictures as a remembrance.

OJ and Jaja

After our dinner, we decided to have some beer drinking. Mon and Cathy choose to go home since they have a scheduled of work the following day. We walked along the sea side at San Miguel Bay and opt to settle at Aling Tonya's. We ordered 1 bucket of San Miguel Lights and 1 kilo of Inihaw na Liempo c/o Gian. Around 12:00am we decided to go home and planned our next get-together which is on July 17 for Lyka's birthday treat!

@ Aling Tonya's Restaurant

Tres Marias ng Paco Catholic School Batch 2001