Majayjay Falls

Hhhmmm.. This is one of my former office mate favorite spot, Steph. She keeps on reminding us that we are going to visit this place before leaving Quezon. Haha. After visiting the sacred place, our group decided to explore and experience the cool breeze of Majayjay Falls. We are lots of test that we encountered before we reach the falls. Our group left the Hands of Jesus around 10am and proceeds to the terminal of jeepney that will drive us to Majayjay Falls. We're getting hard to get tricycle that will lead us in the place, our team decided to divide our group just to arrive at the falls. The 1st group which includes Steph, Joy and Jelai encountered a problem when reaching the falls, the tricycle that they riding was about to fall due to broken tires, Thank God because they are all safe. The 2nd group includes Jars, Angelo, Joan and Jeric arrived at Majayjay falls safe while the last group which includes Ian, Mercy and I wait for a good Samaritan who will take us in falls for 10 minutes, good thing there are lots of passengers who also wait for a jeepney or tricycle to arrive, thank God a good jeepney driver offers his Jeep that will guide us in the falls for only Php 15.00/each. We land at the waterfalls safe.

Before we continue our voyage, our group decided to have a quick lunch. Ian and I ordered grilled liempo, fried chicken and two rice. After speedy lunch and 15 minutes walk trail , we reach the famous Majayjay Falls. There are lots of people in the place , some of it rent a tent for an overnight stay, and some are just a day trip like us. The waterfalls are crowded should I say, but you can still enjoy the cold water that falls from the mountain.

cool water from mountain

Ian and I decided to have some photo ops before we go for a dip. The comfort room is not good, it's so dirty, I pity those who take care of the place because we need to pay Php 20.00/each for maintenance according to them but you can see the the place was so poor.. Ggrr... There are limited trashcan in the place, there is no security for your things, and lastly the smell of their public toilet will lead you in sickness. I feel worried about this thing, because this falls is very historical and at the same time it's created by our God so we need to take good care of it.

The water is so freezing, it's like you put lots of ice on water. It's really felt great when you take a dip on the falls, when you personally experience the fall of water from the mountains down to your head, it's one of a kind experience, I swear. Our group decided to enjoy the place despite of the things that we encountered , we take lots of pictures using Ian's waterproof camera. Steph and Jeric enjoy pirating the teleserye, "Agua Bendita". It so nice to be with my friends that time; we are all stress free after our 2 days trip in Quezon and promise ourselves that every year we will visit the Majayjay Falls whenever we attend the famous Pahiyas Festival.

us :)

our group

girls of majayjay falls

nice colors.. (green, white, green, white) hehe