Kamay ni Hesus

Kamay ni Hesus or "Hands of Jesus" is one of the most visited pilgrimage site during holy week. This is our 2nd activity for our 2 days getaway in Lucban, Quezon.

We wake up as early as 6am, prepare our things and start our journey. We had our quick breakfast at market then ride a tricycle that will bring us to our destination. After 20 minutes ride, we reached the "Hands of Jesus". Upon seeing this place I was surprised, I can't imagine that in front of me is a huge statue of Jesus. I am a pure catholic and I believe in him. My mom and dad always remind me how Jesus saves us from our sins. I love Jesus; I will do anything for him. In fact, I served at our Church for almost 7 years as CWL Jr. (Catholic Women's League); I always go to church every Sunday usually with my family or with Ian. So when we arrive at Kamay ni Hesus, I feel relieved, I feel that I was so blessed to be here. This church is also known as "Healing Church", my dad together with his sister and Jm visit this healing chuch most of the time; unfortunately I didn't join with them due to my important errands to do, so when Jars told me that we will visit this church, I really feel in high spirits. You need to steps I think 150+ to reach the top. The sun is high that is why we feel too tired, but this difficulty will not stop us to achieve the peak. We took lots of pictures because this is a good opportunity for us to be here, to be at the sacred place.

***The picture paints a thousand words....***

Couples for Christ

reaching the top

our dear friends

Visiting the Hands of Jesus is such a one of a kind experience you cannot forget. Just believe on him. God Bless all of you!