Buddy's Pancit Lucban

I received a text message from my mom last Thursday and she tells me that we will have to eat dinner at Buddy's. Actually, this is one of our favorite restaurants whenever my mom or dad overlooks to cook for dinner or simply they just tired from work. I arrived a little bit early, so I beg my mom if I could have some rest for a while before leaving the house, I need to packed my things for our trip to Quezon by Saturday morning, thank God coz my mom grant my request. After 30 minutes, we decided to leave the hosue and have our dinner. My dad refuses to come with us because he was too busy in his drinking session with friends while ate aissa is still in the office that time.. (**sigh**)

Buddy's was only walking distance from our house; I think you can reach the restaurant within 5 minutes or less. The place was too small but has a cool-aircon, they only have 10 tables I think inside, and the ambiance was not that good since it is located in residential area, but in fairness it's comfortable to dine in.

Since I'm still full from merienda, I told my mom that I will not eat rice for dinner. So she ordered Hawaiian Supreme good for 4 pax. There is no special about their pizza, it includes baked ham, tropical pineapple and lots of cheese.

Hawaiian Supreme Php 175.00
We never forget to order Pancit Bihon whenever we dine in Buddy's. So my mom ordered 1 for us. This is one of their specialties here; I really don't know what makes it special, maybe because they originated from Lucban, Quezon.

Pancit Bihon Php 142.00

My mom ordered Spaghetti for her. The small ordered includes 2 pcs of bread. I love their spaghetti, but no one can ever defeat my mom's spaghetti. Hehe.

Spaghetti Small Php 51.00

Buddy's also offers the best special budin or what they called Cassava Cake. This was our family's favorite dessert. I love it specially when well-cooked. Unfortunately, one staff gave us this budin a little bit tough which makes us not to eat too much. But when we request to re-heat it, they don't think twice and grant our request.

Cassava Cake Php 49.00

I saw a tarpaulin that hangs besides us; it stated that they offer the best dessert for summer which s the famous Halo-Halo and Mais con Yelo. I plead my mom if she could treat us dessert like Mais con Yelo, since my mom is so kind she buy us one for us. My mom ask to have additional sugar but the staff gave us syrup instead.
Mais con Yelo Php 48.00

Buddy's Pancit Lucban
2948 Kakarong St., Olympia
Makati City