Triple Celebration!

Last Sunday, we celebrated 3 special events. First, its mother's day celebration, second it's my Nanay's Puring 87th birthday and last but not the least, Fiesta in our Barangay. Together with JM, we helped our mom to prepare foods on Saturday night. We chopped vegetables and other ingredients, ready the utensils, plates, cups, etc. that we are going to use, I do my specialty, Siomai while JM is in-charge to wash the dishes we used, finally we sleep around 2:30am. The following day, the first thing I did was greeted my mom a "Happy Mother's Day!" as well as I texted all my friends telling "Happy mother's to you mom!". I help my mom in organizing our table; we finalized the foodstuff and do the cleaning before visitors come in.

Here are the foods that we prepared for the triple celebration.

Pancit Canton



Manggang Hilaw


Piñinyahan Manok



I forgot that I'm on diet that day because of these appetizing foods.. Huhu.