Ako ang Simula ng Pagbabago!

I remember the days when I run for SK Kagawad way back 2001. I joined the "Samahan ng Makabagong Kabataan" group in our barangay. Every other day, we need to walk around our barangay, do the usual shake hands, busy distributing leaflets to the youth, posting posters and encourage them to vote us. That time, I really have no idea about the elections; I though that it's just a competition between the other 4 parties who also run for for those positions and you will just serve the community with pay of course. But my dad explains to me the big responsibility that I run for, its not just you will serve the community but you will be a good example for the youth. The election day has come, we are all nervous about the result, my dad make sure that everything is doing fine, the precincts, my watchers and of course my vote counts. Unfortunately, I didn't win a slot for SK Kagawad. The sadness started to burst out, I cry, I get disappointed and ask my self " Do I deserved this?", I do my best to please the youth to vote for me, but suddenly, I realized that you cannot please everybody. Maybe God wants me concentrate with my studies since I'm taking up College life that time.

Here are some of my fliers and leaflets during the campaign period.

I wake up this morning around 10am, pray to God and ask for his guidance to have a peaceful elections and that people will vote wisely. I think about this event as early as last year. I've been reading so many blogs about the presidentiables, vice- presidentiables and senatorial candidates in the Internet; I've always watch news in television, the Tapatan in ABS CBN and the HIRITAN 2010 in GMA 7. I also hear my friends, office mates as well as my family opinions regarding their bet. But no one can ever change my mind to whom shall I give my vote, a very smart choice. My family decided to have our early lunch before we go off to our precincts. Accompanied with my mom, dad and my sister JM, we went to the school where we are currently registered, before we finally reached the school, we saw many leaflets scattered in the streets, there are some volunteers who also give us a sample ballot but as I said before "No one will every changed my mind!".
We saw lots of people inside the school, there are so many lines in one room. I get confused about it, but my dad told me to get a number first from the officer-in-charge in our precincts, then we need to wait for our turn before we allowed to vote. Damn! I asked one girl of what number they are serving now, she told me "Nasa 100 palang."What?! Our number is 332 up to 334 and my ate's number is 339. Meaning we have to wait for more than an hour before our turn. Huhu.

our official number

people inside the waiting area for their turn

some people looking for their names in our precincts

We waited for 3.5 hours just to vote, I'm getting bored so I decided to surf in the Internet using my mobile phone, unfortunately, the battery is slowly out of energy or so-called "Low Bat", the worst is after few minutes of hearing music in my MP3 cell phone, it turns out "Battery Empty". Waahh.. I feel sleepy that time, I used to take a nap every Saturday and Sunday or if no work around 1:30pm, but again sad to say I need to sacrifice all of these just to vote. My dad is very supportive; he accompanied me for almost 3.5 hours, while my mom stayed in the other room which is more comfortable than where we are. After 3.5 hours of waiting, it's out turn to vote, we registered and signed in their master list, the BEI gave us the official ballots.

Before I enter in the precinct, again I close my eyes and pray, I want to do this for a change. Since They implemented the automated counting machines you can immediately know the result within the day. No hassle for us as well as for the teachers.

My official ballot
My mom is busy shading her ballot

My dad is also doing the same thing

Ate Aissa is concentrating to whom she shall vote for
my loving parents

After filling up the ballots, I decided to try the 1st ever PCOS machine. I request ate aissa to take me one shot while inserting my ballot. I'm so happy when the PCOS machine accepts my ballot for 1st try.

Inserting my ballot at PCOS machine
proof that my vote is successfully transmitted in their official list

My mom shows her finger with indelible ink

My dad poses like Manny Villar while showing also his finger with indelible ink after voting
I'm so proud that I vote intelligently! All the sufferings that we encountered just to vote already sweep away. This is a democratic country so I respect who ever you chosen, so please do respect also for my bets.

Here are my list of contenders that I vote for:

President: Gordon, Richard ("B. Bayan - VNP)
Vice-President: Fernando, Bayani (B. Bayan - VNP)


Cayetano, Pilar Juliana (NP)
Defensor-Santiago Miriam (PRP)
Drilon, Franklin (LP)
Hontiveros - Baraquel, Ana (LP)
Remulla, Gilbert Cesar (NP)
Roco, Sonia (LP)
Tamano, Adel (NP)
Acosta, JR. Nereus (LP)
Enrile, Juan Ponce (PMD)
Maza, Liza (IND)

Party List: Gabriella

Congressman: Locsin, Maria Lourdes (LP)

Mayor: Genuino, Erwin (Bigkis)
Vice-Mayor: Peña, Romulo Jr. (IND)


Bondal, Renato (NP)
Gonzales, Peter John (Bigkis)
Trinidad, Jessielyn (Bigkis)
Umandap, Severino (NP)
Yabut, Maria Concepcion (NP)
Batalla, Virgilio (Bigkis)
Dadula, Pedro (Bigkis)

I know that in this simple way I help our country to be a better place. I really hope that we have a peaceful and honest election today using the 1st ever automated machine in the Philippines. Let's also pray that the elections will be successful and clean because the benefits will be on us.
Who ever win, I will accept it with all my heart.