Iron Max at IMAX

Last Wednesday, Ian claimed our reserved seats for Iron Man 2 at SM Manila. (Note: you can claim your reserved ticket to IMAX at any SM Mall with Cinema). So last Saturday, Ian and I decided to have our usual bonding moment again at Mall of Asia. We decided to meet around 2:30pm and stroll. We took our merienda first at Jollibee after strolling then we make up our mind to get our tickets around 5pm, it so good that our reserved seats were located at the upper middle of the cinema. Since the management instructs the security that they allowed people to come in by 5:50pm, Ian decided to buy drinks at Starbucks. (we used the buy 1 get 1 free from Starbucks planner). I requested Ian to have some picture taking inside the IMAX since this was our 1st time to try it. I have my SLR cam with me, but Ian told me not to use it since they will confiscate it when we entered the cinema, so we only have our cell phone camera on hand when taking these photos.

our tickets

picture picture

honey doing Iron Man pose

perfect couple :)

The cinema was huge as well as the screen, the chair was comfy and the sound was fantastic. The only thing that makes me turn off was there is no comfort room inside the cinema. But overall, we enjoyed watching Iron Man 2 in a big screen; it's worth it paying Php 400.00 each. Haha. We promised that we will try again to watch in IMAX some other time if there are incredible movies that offers in 3D.