Yatai - Ramen House

Last Tuesday, my mom celebrates her 57th birthday. She prefers to have a simple dinner with us at Sea Side Market, Macapagal Blvd. My dad suggests trying Yatai-Ramen House which is according to him they offer cheapest cooking charge and with live acoustic band. Ian and my mom are already in Mc Do MOA when I arrived, we sit down first and relax before we finally decide to leave the mall and proceed to sea side market. While waiting for my dad and my sisters; my mom, Ian and I take the opportunity to have some picture taking.

birthday celebrant

with my mom

Ate Aissa and Mommy

Jm and Mommy

Rocky's angels

mom and dad

peace :)

After 20 minutes, finally they arrived. My mom and dad went to market to buy sea foods for our dinner. So again, this is another opportunity for us to take some photo ops.

tres marias

happy family

In a while, my dad together with my mom came back from market carrying lots of foods that are ready to cook. My dad asked us what kind of cooking style we like. So here are the list of foods that we chose. First to arrive was the "Sinigang sa Miso" which is my dad's favorite.

Sinigang sa Miso

Followed by the Buttered Garlic Shrimp, we really love shrimps.

Next to arrived was the Tempura.

The Buttered Spicy Crab that I really love.

Of course, the Calamares fever. We get disappointed because it's not well-done or should I say it's like you chew a bubblegum. Ggrr.. That is why JM decides to re-cook it the following day.

And last but not the least, the Inihaw na Liempo. We got surprised because we thought that my mom ordered half kilo of Pork Liempo, but can see you the result. Gggrr..

Since we have lots of main dishes, we ordered 2 big plates of plain rice plus two liters of Coca-Cola and Sprite.

We ended up our dinner past 9:30pm. My mom and my 2 sisters wants to unwind at Starbucks so we then go off to Starbucks located at San Miguel by the bay at the backside of MOA and spent the whole night their. But as usual, before we reach the Starbucks, JM and Ate Aissa enjoyed posing and posing and posing..

look at my mom, doing her seductive pose.. hehe

Again, it's my mom's treat, but we settled to share by two's for our orders. Ian and I share the Chocolate Cream Chip, while mommy and daddy shares their white coffee and lastly my Ate Aissa and JM shares with their Frappe.

our orders

Of course, our favorite mode, picture taking to the max.
us :)

We left Starbucks around 11:15pm. My mom's birthday celebration is so enjoyable. My mom will never forget our simple dinner and coffee break for the whole night because she celebrates her special day with us.

Bowlful of Happiness, Yatai-Ramen House
Sea Food Paluto Restaurant
Macapagal Boulevard
Pasay City