Souvenir from Hongkong

JR is one of my closest friend here in First Datacorp. I can't remember when and how we became close. As far as I know, we jive in some interest; business, passionate lover and loves to travel. Last week, her family takes their 4 days 3 nights vacation in Hongkong; they explore the beauty of HK and try new adventure. Andy her little girl, enjoyed the attractiveness of Disneyland, specially Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So lat Monday, all our office mates keeps teasing her where is the souvenir from HK, so she gave us chocolates, specifically, Kisses.

I though that would be the end of her souvenir for me, but I was surprised when she gave me this gift wrapped in a newspaper when we decided to go home late from work.

Gift from my dearest friend

As all of you already know that I am a collector of key chain, here is additional member to their group. Haha.

I love pink and I love bag as well, so when JR gives me this cute little bag, I can't wait to use it.

Thank JR for the souvenirs, I promise you that I will give you some memento as well by July.