Meiji Almond Chocolate

Ian sometimes gave me chocolates out of the blue or mostly, every after our petty quarrels. Remember, he gave me chocolates as his peace offering last 1st week of March. Haha. Then, again he gave me another chocolates the last time we had our dinner at Shakey's. So during our dinner at Cafe Mediterranean, I was surprised when he gave me chocolates again. We did not have any fight the day before we met and there is no special occasion that time, so I ask him if he do something that made me mad, or feel sorry for the things that he does that I can't recall.But I hear nothing from him except, "Iloveyou Honey!". My heart beats faster, I really don't know why, maybe because I'm too bad for him for the past weeks and I felt guilty. But wait, I gave my peace offering to him that night, guess what?! I treat him for a dinner and movie as well. Haha.

Mejie Almond Chocolate

Thank you Honey for the chocolates, we both enjoyed eating this during our trip at Splash Mountain, remember!

Iloveyou more and more and more...