Splash Mountain Resort - Hotel

Summer.. Summer.. Summer..

I know everybody is enjoying their long weekend last April 9-11 at the beach or by pool. We really set our mind to save more money for our major trip this July that is why we come to a decision to spend our weekend in Splash Mountain. Actually, this is unplanned getaway; we only finalized this trip last Wednesday and make our booking on the Hotel last Thursday. We just want to unwind and relax from the stressful work load from office. This is also the 1st out of town for this year that Ian and I will be all alone. The last time that we have a trip all by ourselves was July 2009 during our 3rd anniversary at Boracay, so this is the right time to have our bonding moment again.

Ian fetch me at our house around 8:20am, after 10 minutes of relaxation, we decided to left the house and go off to Buendia terminal where we ride a bus that bound to Sta. Cruz. We are very much lucky to have the bus, since it only needs around 10-15 people before leaving the terminal. At exactly 9am, the bus left Manila.

Ian and I decided to take a nap, since the travel will consume 1.5 hours from Manila to Los Baños. Around 10:30am, we reach our destination, Splash Mountain. Unfortunately, we can check-in to our Room at Oasis Hotel around 2pm, so we have more than 3 hours spare time. But since this is our 1st time in the resort, Ian and I decided to explore the place. We left our things at the reception area and start our photo ops.

some of the pools at splash mountain

at the entrance

Around 12:30pm, we come to a decision to have our lunch and continue our photo ops afterwards. The resort allowed the guest to bring foods, that's a good thing because we buy some foodstuff to our breakfast and snack during merienda. There is one store who sells grilled foods, it's the Surigao Chicken. The food was great. (I will do other blog for the food!).

After our sumptuous lunch, we have our photo ops again. Then around 1:40pm, we decide to go back in the Hotel and get our room. All the staff in the resort is so friendly, they allowed us to register at the room 20 minutes before the official check-in time. Actually, my plan was to reserve Deluxe room in the Splash Hotel which includes indoor pool inside the room but unfortunately there is no available room on that day. My next option was the Splash Suites; they offer Deluxe Suites with indoor jacuzzi, Ian wants to try it, but again there is no available room on that day. So our last option was to have our reservation to Splash Oasis Resort and Hotel. I reserved one Standard room with one Double bed, Ref, Cable TV, Private toilet and Bath, Mini Bar and Mini Sala. This one is suitable for us since most of the time we spent our time in the pool area. The room was great and cozy, we can relax and rest every after swimming activity. The pools in Oasis Hotel are exclusives for Oasis and Suites Hotel guest only, but both Oasis and Suite guest can access the splash mountain pools.

our room (320)

us :)

Splash Mountains offers Giant Water slides which cost around Php 180.00 per day for adult, Php 170.00 for students and Php 160.00 for child below 4 feet. But since we are guest in Hotel they give us discount or what they call as Upgrade worth Php 100.00/day for adult and child below 4 feet. We choose to upgrade our sticker to experience the Giant Water slides which is the major tourist spot in the resort.
our hotel and giant slides sticker (you should wear this all the times.)

Top view shot

The Giant Water slide consists of 4 different slides with different height; the tornado, twister, typhoon and Hurricane Falls Orange. I only try the tornado and twister slides which is 60 feet in height. Your trip in Splash Mountain will not be complete without experiencing this 4 giant slides that they offer. Ian and I really love the tornado slides. Look at our pictures, I think we try this slides more that 15 times. Haha.

tornado and twister slides

thyphoon and hurricane falls slides

Tornado Slide

Since the Giant Water slides will close around 6pm, we choose to try other pools that they offer. Again picture.. picture.. picture.. Thanks to Ian's camera with water proof case for the nice shots.

swimming mode

my wacky smile..

smile honey :)

We also try the so called "Lazy River", where you can just sit down and relax with life preserver (Salbabida).

At night, we try the other pools that the Oasis resort offers. We experience the natural hot springs from Mount Makiling, why do I say so, because the pools as well as the water in the Bath are so hot. I swear! We had our dinner inside the room with special delivery from Surigao Chicken. After our dinner and rest for 20 minutes, we decide to explore the Splash Mountain again. This time, we had our photo ops in the stage where the evening gown competition of Miss Earth 2009 held last November 8.


splash models :)

Finally, we chose to go back at the Hotel around 11:30pm to rest since we both agree to wake up early for another try in Giant slides. The following day, we woke up around 8am, have our breakfast in bed and getting ready to go swimming again. As usual, we try our favorite Tornado slide.

We check out at exactly 12noon and have some picture taking before leaving the Resort. We arrived at Manila around 2pm and had our late lunch at Jollibee in Alpha Land South gate in Magallanes.

Ian and I really enjoyed our bonding moment again. Our pictures paints a thousand words and explains our happiness for an overnight trip, right?!

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