Happy Birthday Mommy!

To the best mom in the whole world, Happy Birthday Mommy!

I know she will not be able to read this blog since she doesn't know how to operate computer, although my ate and I teach her the basic function and some parts of computer, still she cannot do it all by herself. So I make it a point that through this blog, I can express my gratitude to her.

Since birth, she is the who take cares of us. She is the one who always besides us. She always assure that we are safe all the times, she makes sure that we have a good education from primary up to college and lastly, she always remind us that the family is the most important among anybody else. So for the 28 years of marriage, our family is still together because we put God as the center of everything.

my mom and dad

with my mom

Happy Family :)
Again to the most beautiful and wonderful mom in this world, Happy Birthday Mommy! We love you!