This is Me!

This is real, This is Me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now,
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me..

Rackell, Racks, Kelly, Kell, Rocky Road, RN and so on and so forth. So many nicknames which my family and friends called me. But do you guys really know me? Do you recognize what are my strength and weakness? Well, I think you really don't know me. This blog will give you hint the real me.

My real name is Rackell Mani Lumberio, born on January 03, 1985, middle child of Rocky and Nenita Lumberio. Finished my Primary and Secondary at Paco Catholic School while College at AMA Computer University. My family, relatives and some of my closest friends called me "RN" for short. My nick name came from the first letter of my parents' name, "R" for my dad and "N" for my mom. My real name according to my mom was taken from the US, can you see my name was unique, from "q" they change it to "k" added by two letters "L". Only one of its kind right?! Haha.

In my workplace , my office mates used to call me "Racks, Kelly, Kell". They give me their own version of my nickname. Haha. My boss call me "Racks" or sometimes "Rocky Road" if he's in good mood; If not he used to call me in my full name, "Rackell". Haha. Lastly, Ian, used to call me "Honey" as his endearment.

Anyway, I am currently in relationship with Ian Villareal. I met him last June 2006 through Skype. We were together for almost 3 years and 8 months to be exact and will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary out of the country. Yippee.

I tell you the truth that I'm a moody person. Sometimes, I get easily irritated, that's why sometimes Ian and I have some petty quarrels because of me. I'm a childish person and I've been trying to change that attitude and promise myself that I'll do my best to become a matured person as I can.

the other side of me :)


Having "S" again..

But most of the time you will see me with my killer smile, that's why last December 2008 during our Christmas Party in FDC, I received an award, "Close up smile award!" Haha.

my award :)

Here are some of the facts about me.

I love to hear mass every Sunday
I love stuff toys

I love collecting tissues from different restaurant that Ian and I ate

booklet of tissues

I love collecting receipts from different restaurant that we ate

I love to watch movies as well as collecting movie tickets that we watched together

I love scrap booking
I love pink absolutely!
I love to travel
I love to meet new people and make friends with them
I love to eat and try different dishes

I love to help other people especially those who much in need

Charity work at Hospicio de San Jose

I love photography

I love collecting cellphones
I love diaries

I love key chains from different places

I love flowers

1st monthsary

Valentine's Day 2007

Valentine's Day 2008

3rd year anniversary

Valentine's Day 2010

I love to sing

I love car racing

I love to run and join the marathon event

I love being with my friends

FDC Friends

CWL Family

College Friends

F21 Friends

other friends

WTS Friends

I love being with my family of course!

I love being with my honey.

To sum it all, I love my life. I'm contented with what I have now; I have nothing more to ask. I am happy that I can be myself whenever I am with my love ones. I'm happy with my family, with my friends and of course, I'm happy and contented with my love life. I don't expect everybody to love or understand me , they cannot change me, the only thing that they can do is to accept the real me because I have nothing more to say except "This is Me!".