I am a member of AVON Group who sells beauty products and some "kikay" kits of girls and boys. I've been in this business since college; I earned extra cash because of my spirit to advertise it to my family, friends, office mates as well as to Ian. I insist them to purchase some products which Avon offers every month.

Recently, my mom wants to have some extra income like me, so she join in our group. Avon offers that in every person you recruit to unite with us, you will get free gift. So last Monday, finally I received my gift. It's summer bag that you can use every day. I'm happy because I really love pink and it is the best time to have it, remember we will have our summer outing getaway this April.

So what are you waiting for?! If you want to join in our group and earn extra income, please let me know for details and I will help you until you grow lots of funds like me. ^_^