Time zone

After our spectacular dinner at Secret Recipe, we decided to have some fun at Time zone.
This was our usual activity whether we are in Glorietta, Trinoma, MOA or even at Robinson's Place. I have my own power card as well as Ian. This time, we both agreed to load Php 100.00 only. The first sports we played were one of our favorite games, Time Crisis. However, they only have Time Crisis 4 which is actually upgraded of the usual Time Crisis 3 which I already knew for the long period of time. Since, it is much difficult compared to the standard game which I played most of the time, I easily ends the game after 15 minutes. Haha.. Ian continues to play the game but after a few minutes, it games over. Haha.

Go Honey! You can do it!

Next in line was the Air Hockey. We always play this game because we enjoy fighting and make some teasing who's going to win. But unfortunately, I lose this game. Huhu..

Ever since, we are collecting tickets to claim prizes. So our next game was one of our favorite games, EZ Touch Global. This time, we played as a team.We help each other to select the dissimilarity of one picture to another. See we declared as "God of the Games!" and rank as "S" which is the higest rank plus we got 10 tickets on our 2nd try. Yahoo..


Of course, can we ever forget to try our most favorite game? Car Racing! This time we try again the Super Mario Racing. Again, I lose this game. Gggrr... Well, congratulations Honey for winning again in this battle. Haha..
Congrats Honey!
Finally, we ended up our pastime by claiming our prize. So here is the 2 pcs of Chupa Chups Lollipop for the 2 of us.