Surigao Chicken

Ian and I had our simple summer getaway at Splash Mountain last April 10-11. We arrived their early so we have no choice but to take some photo ops. I think there are only two restaurants in the resort that offer food for the hotel guest. One is the Surigao Chicken and the other was the Coffee Shop in Oasis Hotel. But since we are allowed to check in early, we decided to have our lunch at Surigao Chicken. They offer lots of foods by grilled like chicken, barbecue, squid, pork liempo etc.

Ian tries the Inihaw na Liempo.

I chose to have Grilled Squid since I really love squid, I swear. Inside are tomatoes and onions which makes the grilled squid yummier.

Ian added Ensaladang Mangga for our side dish. To tell you the truth, we consume 3 rice for our lunch. Haha.

At night, after our tiring swimming activity for the whole day, Ian and I make a decision to fix our self and be ready for our dinner. As we look at the hotel price list of foods, we noticed that the price if 4 times higher than the Surigao Chicken offers, so we come to a decision to go back at Surigao Chicken and ordered foods for our dinner; in fact they will deliver it to our room, no hassle right. So for our dinner here are the foods that we really like.

We ordered Isaw, its 3 pcs for Php 10.00, we chose to ordered 15 pcs for Php 50.00.


Ian wants to try Barbecue, so he ordered 2 pcs for us.

Barbecue Php 40.00/each

He added Pork Liempo again and Ensaladang Mangga.

Pork Liempo

Ensaladang Mangga