North Park

Last Thursday, Ian and I do our usual food trip. This time Ian is craving for a Chinese Restaurant which made us to try again the North Park. We already ate in this restaurant many times before, so we already have an idea on what to order. First, we were greeted by a nice waiter and assist us to our seats. The waiter gave us complimentary hot tea while looking for our orders. We were surprised when we saw this little button; this is the new attraction in the said restaurant. They already improving their service to satisfy the customers, you don't need to raise your hand to get the attention of a waiter and request for something, simply press this button to call a server. Nice gimmick right! We try it when we finally decided on what to order.

While looking at the menu, Ian already suggests ordering Yang chow Fried Rice. Can anyone forget to order this popular Chinese rice? Of course not, so we order one for us.
Yang chow Fried Rice Php 138.00

North Park also offers the best crunchy noodles. I really don't know why people wont forget to try it, maybe because there is a magic ingredients included in the noodles. Ian really doesn't eat too much noodles, but he opt to order 1 for us. The crispy noodles are topped with prawns, fish, barbecue asado, black mushroom and vegetables. I really love the taste especially when you match it with Yang chow fried rice.

North Park Special Toast Noodles Php 238.00

We only ordered 1 main dish, the Barbecue Asado. This is enough for two of us. I love the barbecue which also best when you added sweet sauce on top of it.

Barbecue Asado Php 146.00
Of course, our dinner date will not be complete without our favorite part, picture taking. ^__^

with his formal attire

barbie doll (according to my officemates..) hehe

us :)

North Park Noodle House
Glorietta 5, Ayala Center
Makati City