Thank God it's Friday!

I requested Ian last Friday to go with me at Waltermart Makati to canvass for my swimwear this summer. Actually, I already saw my dream swimwear during my dinner date with my parents last Tuesday at Max's Restaurant. Since my boss left the office earlier, I have a chance to the office early. I asked him to meet me at the Waltermart since he will be riding MRT, I told him to go off in Magallanes station too.

The first thing we do was to look again my prospect swimwear at Robinson's Department. Since I have limited money that time, I asked him that I will purchased it by April. Hehe. Since we are both hungry that time, we choose to have our early dinner because we planned to have our foot spa the same day in preparation for Jap's wedding.

We set off to have dinner at Shakey's in Makati Cinema Square since Ian is craving for Mojos.

Since we really love Caesar Salad, this is the first thing we ordered. The Chef choice salad they offers includes ham, grated cheddar cheese, crunchy croutons and hard boiled egg heaped on fresh lettuce served with a choice either thousand island or ranch dressing, but we choose our favorite thousand island of course.

Chefs Choice Salad Php 127.00

We ordered the most original and most famous of all combos that they offer, the Bunch of Lunch. It includes chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread, a slice of Hawaiian delight thin crust pizza and 2 pcs of mojos.

Bunch of Lunch Php 124.00

Since all of you know that I cannot eat without hot sauce, I asked the waitress to give me one.

We also ordered for Mojos n dip, the shakey's very own fried potato slices breaded with unique seasoning and spices. It is yummier when you dip them in zesty Caesar or garlic and spice or simply catsup.

Mojos Php 82.00

Of course our dinner date will not be complete without picture taking... ^_^

us :)


Makati Cinema Square
Pasong Tamo
Makati City