Wedding of the year!

Jap is one of our jolly classmate in FPPF Basic Photography Class; he belongs to group 4 or much known as "Hot Shots group" together with Ate Elsie and Joseph. Ian, Emman and I belong group 1 or the "Photogenics" while Jack, Ruel, Irvin and Kuya Mike D. belongs to group 2 or the "XPOSE". The first time we met Jap, we get surprised when he told us that he's presently work as a police officer. WOW! Police man at the same time photographer. Great!
We do lots of activities together like photowalks, monthly meetings, charity works last December 2009 at Hospicio de San Jose and now, the wedding of the year! I got a phone call from Jap last February, I remember it's Sunday in the afternoon, he asks for Ian's cell phone number. I was surprised when he told me that he invites us to his wedding on March 27. I was shocked when he also told me that he includes Ian as one of his groom's men. Haha. Maybe because this will be the 1st wedding event that Ian will participate in the ceremony.

After borrowing the Barong to Biboy, searching for his slacks and black shoes, purchased of white t-shirt, here it goes. My handsome boyfriend with his formal attire. ^_^

Ian walking down the aisle with his partner Michelle

Of course, I make it a point that I will wear my glamorous dress for this event. ^_^

Can we ever forget to have a picture of us?! Definitely not, so here we are. Happy couples! ^_^

Our pictures with other couples in the event. Alluring Jack with good-looking JR.
JR, Jack, RN and Ian

3 beautiful girls..

Mama Elsie, are you okay?!

The main event starts around 5:45pm. Beth is such a beautiful woman in her gown. I can imagine myself walking down the aisle while my hubby is waiting for me at the altar. How romantic right?! I know every woman dream to get married with the one you trully love for the rest of your lives. I saw the teary eyes of Beth while walking towards Jap. I know she is super happy to have Jap in her life same as Jap with Beth.

the bride

I think Jap is a little bit nervous but excited at the same time. Perhaps, this is the day that the 2 persons become one. I love them both. They look so in-love with each other. For now, I'm so happy to be with Ian in my life. I don't even ask for more. Maybe God gave us the right person who will complete the other half of you.

the groom

All of the people inside the garden are serious during the rite; they want to witness the wedding of the year, the tie up of Jap and Beth as one.

My F21 friends are also with us to witness the wedding ceremony of our dear Jap and Beth.

The ritual ended around 7:40pm then of course picture taking with families, relatives and friends. Of course, can we ever forget to take the pictures of newly weds?! So here they are.


Jap and Beth :)

As usual, the wedding will not be complete without social gatherings at the reception.

there is a story behind this picture.. Haha.

groom's friends

For Jap and Beth, Congratulations and Best Wishes! Thank you for inviting us to your special day. We wish you happiness, success and more babies to come. We love you both and always remember that we are here for you. Again, Congratulations!!!


Thanks Ate Elsie, JR and Jack for the pictures!

More pictures to come (from Ian's camera)