Thank you for all the lessons, 2019!

Every end of the year I make sure to write a review about what happened to me and my little family. Gusto ko kasi Makita if I/we achieved our goals for that year. Iba rin kasi ang feeling if you recall all the things happened, on how you overcome all the struggles you encounter and all the achievements and blessings that you received.

I must say that 2019 is really roller coaster ride not only for me but also for my whole family. On the 1st and 2nd quarter of the year, everything seems to be okay. Rhian celebrated her 5th birthday at school and had our staycation at Marco Polo Hotel for her simple celebration, my kids graduated from Junior and Senior Nursery (Now I have Kinder and Senior Nursery), celebrated our 1st anniversary at #TeamVillarealHome and we had our first family outing at La Luz Beach Hotel for my mom’s birthday.

On the 3rd and 4th quarter this year is one of the most challenging months for us though it proves us that having your family on your side, everything will be okay. This is the first time where I undergo blood transfusion (3 bags) because of my myoma. You want to know more about my health issue, click here. Now, I’m still recuperating and fighting at the same time.

My panic and anxiety attack this year. I thought I already overcome it after we got married, but to my surprise it comes back during the time when I found out about my myoma. Its not easy to beat the two but with the grace and glory of our Lord and my very supportive husband and family, I’m here standing and keeping the faith that everything will be back in normal, that the panic and anxiety that I am experiencing now will disappear soon.

I believe that God gave us hardships in life to test our faith and to surrender all to him. Sometimes our plans don’t work out because God has a better ones, and God’s plan is always the best, though the process is painful and hard but I always believe that when God is silent, He’s doing something special for you that’s why despite of these difficulties we faced there are lot of blessings that we received this year.

I also crossed out some of my goals in 2019 like learn how to drive (well, magyayabang lang ako na marunong na kong mag drive, di lang sya within our vicinity ha kasi nakakapag drive narin ako from our place in Sucat going to Makati and Muntinlupa. Hehe), I also crossed out about my children’s room though di pa sya completely finish but one of our main goal is to purchase bed for my kids. This is actually our Christmas gift to our children as they wanted to sleep na sa own room nila, so wish grated. We ordered for a customized bunk bed at KrazyKyle's Kahoy’s World and will deliver on the 1st quarter next year, customized kasi kaya matagal ang delivery. Sila na ang super excited! I will share some photo pag nadeliver na, promise. 😉

This year, we also purchased our bed frame. Yes! This is also one of our goals last year, ang makabili ng bed frame sa kama namin. Simple lang db pero gusto ko na talagang humiga sa kama na may frame since for almost 7 years na kutson lang kami natutulog because we are still co-sleeping with our kids, but on the 1st quarter of this year we decided na to cross out one of our goals. Finally, may bed frame na kami! Hehe. Simple lang db, pero super happy talaga kami. Kaya mas lalo akong na adict sa pagbili ng mga bed sheets. Hihi. 

I also started our small business last September; I enter the world of resellers. I got a direct supplier of Gourmet Tuyo and Tinapa and sell it in the office and sa community namin. Though the income is not that much for now (well, we already reach the ROI for our small business), I know pag may tyaga, may nilaga. Kaya if you want to order Gourmet Tuyo or Tinapa, let me know. Promise masarap sya! Always fresh delivery from the Province of Lucena City!

We also started our Healthy Living Life in our family, by eating less pork and eat more fish and vegetables. Yes! There are times that we don’t eat pork for 1 week, more on fish talaga kaya nasanay narin kaming mag punta sa wet market to buy fresh fish. Malayo pa kami sa goal namin but at least this year we already started our Healthy Living Life.

Last but not the least, one of our dreams come true! Out of the country with the whole family! Yes! Hindi lang #TeamVillareal ang nag out of the country, but pati ang #LumberioFamily kasama! Grabe, this is one of my happiest moment with my family. 1st time kasi to mga besh at matagal naplan and finally natuloy rin kami. Ang daming nangyari before our flight schedule (I will discuss this on my separate post) but God is so good talaga, di nya hinayaan na di matuloy ang out of the country namin. Thank you, Lord! 

I know that God gave us not perfect life, not perfect family but I believe that God knows the best for us. There are lot of lessons that we learned this year, challenges that we surpass, goals that we achieved and gain friends that we treat as a family. I know that this is not our best year but still, I want to thank 2019 for all the lessons and I believe that 2020 is going to be one of the best years ever! 2020, I’m Ready!

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