Where to Eat in Las Piñas: Trattoria Altrove

Every Sunday, after hearing mass we always treat our little family for lunch. It’s also our opportunity to spend more time with the kiddos. Alam nyo na pag working parents, kulang na kulang ang oras pag weekdays so we make sure na pag weekend, family time talaga.

Ever since we moved in Sucat, my husband and I tried different restaurants near our place. BF Homes is one of our favorite places as they offer wide array of different cuisines, name it and you will find in this place. One Sunday after hearing mass, we went to Las Piñas for lunch and try Trattoria Altrove. We really have no idea about this place and we were surprised to know that this restaurant is originally from El Nido Palawan. 

Upon entry, one staff asked us to removed our shoes or sandals before we can go inside to maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant. They placed it in a basket and we were given a number so we could collect our shoes after. My children enjoyed walking around the restaurant barefooted, it’s really like a Filipino culture indeed. Don’t worry because the floors were very clean. 

The restaurant was beautifully set-out and gives a homey vibe because it is made with wooden floors and furniture. It is not air conditioned but the place is very cool and well-ventilated as ceiling fans were very helpful though. We chose to stay at al fresco dining with a garden view since it’s way cooler there. 

I love the rustic feel with the wooden floor and barefoot dinner.
al fresco dining

Wood fire brick oven
The staff were very courteous and friendly, they even allow our kids to run over the restaurant (buti nalang wala pang tao nung dumating kami). Well, as I mentioned before, my kids really love to roamed around the place. They also provided recommendations though they were not pushy on what you should order. 

Complimentary bread as an appetizer.
Our family loves pizza and pasta, hindi pwede na hindi kami mag pa-pasta every week. Hindi sila nagsasawa kahit na ina-alternate ko lang ang menu namin for the week. Haha. I guess I need to search for other pasta recipes for my little family. Anyway, my husband ordered for Alla Carbonara that is made with combination of bacon, Parmesan, mozzarella and egg yolk. Their pasta and sauces are freshly made upon order so it may take a while to serve. My kids love their pasta because it was perfectly cooked, but for me, there’s no special thing about this food though the flavors are not overwhelming and the serving size is very big for the price. 

Alla Carbonara Php 325.00
We also ordered Margherita Pizza which contains crushed Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese & Fresh Basil. My daughters love anything about this pizza and you can really taste the freshness of the ingredients and enhances the natural flavors of pizza as it was perfectly cooked in a wood fire brick oven. Well, do you agree with me that Firewood Brick Oven Pizza is simply the best!

The pizza crust was burnt just right giving the pizza a slightly crispy texture and the meats are tender and the pizza itself is just awesome!

Margherita Php 395.00
My husband ordered for Risotto Al Fruitti Di Mare. Italian Rice cooked in mixed Seafood, Tomatoes & Olive Oil sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese. According to my husband, the rice cooked perfectly, the taste of parmesan cheese perfectly match with the seafood. 

Risotto Al Fruitti Di Mare Php 375.00
Our kids love Mango shake, wala na ata silang alam na shake bukod sa Mango Shake. Haha. So we ordered 1 Mango Shake for them. There’s nothing special about their shake but it really refreshing! We requested to split it into two, parang walang awayan ang magkapatid. :)

Mango Shake Php 112.00
Overall, everything is absolutely wonderful. Authentic Italian dishes, atmosphere, staff, all definitely great. The ambiance is perfect for families & couples. This place is a treasure gem and ultimate date place. So, if you’re looking for romantic and perfect place for you to treat your loved ones within Metro Manila, try here and your date will definitely be perfect! 

Gentle reminder guys, they didn't accept credit cards just make sure you have enough cash when you eat here. 😊

Trattoria Altrove
858Tropical Avenue,
BF International, Las Piñas City

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