Welcome to Pre-School, Kids!

Back to School! I know you can see those words in mall nowadays because June is one of the busiest months of the year. Ikr, shopping for your kids’ school supplies and uniforms is super nakakapagod talaga but don’t tell me hindi kayo nag enjoy? Kasi as a first time mom of preschoolers, nag enjoy talaga ako sa pag sho-shopping ng mga gamit sa school. Anyway, on my previous post I make kwento about our little pre-schoolers and how we chose the school for our kids now I will share you their first day at school. Another milestone for our kids!

Their first day of school is actually last June 13, however due to bad weather I opted not to send my kids at school, tumawag naman ako sa school nila to ask if may pasok and the staff told me na meron but since I have pre-schoolers, the discretion is still with us kung papapasukin namin sila or not and I decided the latter one. I am looking forward for a good weather the following day, I woke up early, prepare their things and excited to send them at school, however the city government where we live decided to suspend the class due to bad weather. (Pero ang ganda ng panahon that morning) and so wala na naman silang pasok.

June 18, I look forward to this day and praying for a good weather. I’m not feeling well that day because of my monthly period (Yes! Girl Thing!) but I manage to prepare my kids’ stuff. Ako nang gising sa kanila, nagpakain, nagpaligo and nagbihis ng uniform. I want them to remember their 1st day at school na ako nag asikaso sa kanila. I’m so glad that I have a very supportive husband who takes his VL para masamahan kami sa school, we left the house at 7:30am and arrived after 5 minutes. Yes! Ganon lang kalapit yung school from where we live.

Rhiane: Nursery | Rhian: Kinder 1
This is it! We have pre-schoolers na talaga. Our kids are also excited maybe because bago lahat ng gamit and I told them na they will meet new friends and teachers too. As a first time parents we make sure to capture every single moments of their 1st day, parang kami nga lang ang nagpipicture sa mga bata habang naghihintay kami ng loob ng school. They line up according to their height and boys are separate from girls and since new environment medyo shy type pa ang mga anak ko, I know its normal kaya I di ko pinepressure yung mga kids ko to be friendly on their 1st day.

Rhaine is nursery while Rhian is Kinder 1. I still can’t believe that we have kids now going to big school, grabe ang bilis ng panahon. While my kids are already inside their respective classroom, I just looked at them and can’t control myself but to smile with teary eyes. Buti nalang di sya tumulo kung hindi baka tanungin ako ng teachers kung bakit ako naiyak. Haha.  Why teary eyes? Because time flies so fast, parang di parin ako makapaniwala na nasa school na sila talaga. Ganon ba talaga kabilis ang panahon? Pwede bang tigil muna kahit sandali.

Their rooms are beside each other kaya madali for us na ihatid sila sa kanya-kanya nilang room. I asked my husband to assist Rhian while I am with Rhaine. Since Rhian is already old enough to be with herself, di na sya umiyak when we left her unlike Rhaine na nasa loob ng room si Van (Yaya) all throughout the class. Well, Rhaine is only 2 years and 10 months old, kaya talagang maninibago sya but I believe eventually masasanay rin sya sa school.

Sharing with you some photos taken during their 1st day at school.

Waiting for Daddy

Hands on Dad!
Rhaine with her yaya
Now, I’m so excited for the upcoming activities at school. How about you momshies, how’s your experience on your kids first day at school? Share nyo naman and I’m so excited to listen on your stories.

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