Rhian’s Kiddie Crew Workshop at Mc Donald’s

My daughter is a very shy type girl, feeling ko nagmana talaga sya sa daddy nya. Haha. As parents, we want our children to be more active, more sociable, to be confident and most specially to learn values through play. I heard lots of good feedback about enrolling their kids to this summer workshop offered by Mc Donald’s so we decided to enroll Rhian this summer before she enter the big school.  Since first timer, we have lots of questions to the manager. Syempre we want to know kung what is this program all about and what are the benefits to our daughter. Good thing, Melvin (Workshop facilitator) is very accommodating and he explained to us about this workshop.

What is this Kiddie Crew Workshop?

It is an annual program designed for kids aged 6-12 years old that will allow them to experience all the fun things that make up McDonald’s. Since Rhian looks like 6 years old na (but she’s only 4 years old) kasi ang laking bata nito, Melvin allowed us to enroll her.  :)

What they can offer you in this workshop?

Our children will experience being part of the Mc Donald’s team in making the all-time favorite Cheeseburger. Yes! They will help our kids in creating the Cheeseburger, of course they are assisted by the experts themselves.

Kids will learn values through play. This is one of the reasons why we enrolled Rhian in this program, we want her to learn the values of teamwork, discipline, hard work, sharing and responsibility in a fun and interactive way. Remember, teaching a good behavior need not to be boring.

Rhian and Rhaine are both shy type kids and I know gaining confidence is a tough act but I believe that through this workshop, my children will find it easier when they are having fun. According to Melvin, the kids will be serving customers behind the counter or even in the drive-thru, in this act they are building social skills with others and this is actually a unique experience for our kids. Right?

At the end of the workshop, children will learn to sing and sway to the tune of new songs with new found friends. I want my kids to be active and more sociable. I want my kids to explore their own potentials through this workshop.

What are the schedules of workshop and how much is the registration fee?

There are two workshop schedules to choose from, Weekday workshop (5-day workshop made of 2 hours each Php 695.00) and the Weekend workshop (2-day workshop made of 3 hours each, Php 595).

What are the inclusions for the registration fee?

Once your kid is enrolled in their program, they will get Kiddie Crew Shirt, chef’s hat, Scrap book where they can put their photos for every day activity, Apron, Bag, ID with lace, ID for the guardian, Cap and of course daily meals. Yes! Kiddie meals are included to be given after the workshop.

After talking to Melvin, we immediately filled out the registration form, picked up our prefer workshop date and submit the form together with the payment. We chose the weekday workshop since bakasyon pa naman and I know my child, she will get boring kung 3 hours na sa 1 place (well, except if we were inside the Kidzooona, na kahit ata whole day kami andon okay lang sa kanya).

Rhian started her workshop last April 9, prior to the workshop we attended the parent’s orientation at the store and received the workshop materials. On her first day, full support kami because its holiday. We were able to witness how our child interacts with others and how the staffs approach the children. Nakakatuwa kasi ang cu-cute nilang lahat.  :)

Here are some of the photos taken during the 5-day workshop:

with her forever BFF
First Day :)
Supportive Daddy
Go Ate!!!
May I take you order?

So mga mumshies, if you are looking for a summer of fun to your kids try this Mc Donald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. What are you waiting for, go the nearest Mc Donald’s branch and register your kids this summer. This workshop runs until June 22, 2018.
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