Projects for awesome 2018

It’s never too late to greet you all, Happy New Year and Happy Three Kings! Better late than never!

Are you ready for another 365 days? Me? I’m so ready, I’m so excited and I can’t hide it! I can feel na this year will be our year again, positive vibes lang tayo lagi mga beshies. Yan na kasi ang motto ko since last year, to avoid negative vibes in my life kaya mas gumaan at gumanda buhay ko since last year. Now, I will continue what I am doing and improve more para maganda ang buhay.

On my previous post where I write the blessings, achievements and accomplishments that we received, now I will share with you our goals/projects this year. I really hope and pray na like last year ma achieve namin ulit like last year kaya dapat “POSITIVE” lang lagi. 


Since we’re moving on our own home very soon, my husband and I decided to make “Furnished home” on top of our project this year. Sino ba naman ang hindi maeexcite mag decorate ng sariling bahay, although we are now in a very tight budget we still have 12 more months to do this thing. Now, I’m so busy checking some ideas and designs in the internet, napaka overwhelming pala!


Last year, we were able to get Rhaine’s insurance (focus on education). Medyo nakaluwag kami ng unti kaya nakayanan namin kuhanan na sya, now were thinking to get another VUL this time focus on investment. Syempre we don’t want naman na hanggang tumanda kami nag wowork parin kami, so our goal is to save more money not only for us but for our little family.


Rhian is turning 4 this weekend while Rhaine is turning 3 on August. We are going to live somewhere in south and looking for a very good school is very challenging to us. Of course, as parents we want to give our children the best school for them.


This is not-so-important goals this year but we want to include this in our list. Malay nyo naman db makapag out of the country kami since last year 1st time namin mag out of town via plane (Bicol and Misibis escapade) na kaming 4. Rhian always tells us that she loves to see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and wants to visit HK Disneyland. So if ever and hopefully magkaroon kami ng extra money this year, we will visit HK with the kids. (cross fingers)


I know this is my goals last year, unfortunately it didn’t happen as I got busy with my schedule. But since we are moving out away from Makati, driving is a MUST! So hopefully on 2nd qtr this year, makapag aral na kong mag drive. PROMISE!

This is it pancit! Simple lang db, we want to make our lives easier and happier. We learned to value and enjoy simple things in life kasi pag ganon ang ginawa mo magaan ang pasok mga blessings sa inyo. No hatred, just LOVE. Let’s see on December 2018 on my year end review if we accomplished all of these.

Let's make 2018 very REMARKABLE!

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