Press Release: 3 Tools You Can Use to Track your Ovulation

Before I got married, I have PCOS and because of that I'm having a very hard time to conceive. You read the full story of my battle here. 

But now, I'm happy to tell that I have two beautiful children and with that I am sharing with you a little knowledge on how you can can get pregnant by simply monitoring your ovulation day. 

Ovulation plays an important role when it comes to getting pregnant. Without a woman knowing when her ovulation is when she's trying to conceive is like playing archery with blindfolds - you don't know where the bullseye is.

Ovulation is when the body releases the matured egg from the ovary to be fertilized. So it is important to be able to at least pinpoint when ovulation occurs. There are 3 most common tools that women use to pinpoint their ovulation.

1. Ovulation predictor kit - an ovulation predictor kit is a great tool to use in detecting ovulation. It looks almost like the pregnancy test, except that it detects ovulation instead of pregnancy. Two lines don't always mean positive. You're looking for 2 dark lines on an ovulation test to be able to tell if it's positive.

2. BBT Thermometer (Basal body thermometer) - a basal body thermometer is more sensitive than the regular thermometer. It measures the body heat and easily detects even a slight change in the temperature. Women who use this chart their temperature regularly. What they're looking for is a sudden drop in their temperature which could mean that they're possibly ovulating.

3. Fertility calculators - these are the cheapest of them all since you get it for free online or by downloading the app. These calculators work best for those who have a regular cycle. Those who don't might have problems using this tool.

If you're planning to get pregnant, remember these common tools which can help you monitor your ovulation.

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