Mommy Diaries: I’m Tired but I’m Happy

I’m a working mom. I’m a wife. I’m a mother of two beautiful girls.

These past few days, I’m so emotional. We have lot of problems in life now and I know that God will make a way where there’s seem to be no way. I don’t know if I can handle all of these but whenever I look at my children, I know I need to be strong. My husband is always there beside me and comforts me when I’m down. Ganon naman talaga db when you’re married, db nga may sumpaan kayo na to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

 You make me laugh when I’m not even in the mood to smile. 
I’m tired, super tired. But how can I complain if I see my family every day. I never questioned God about our problems kahit na sunod sunod syang dumadating sa amin, instead we accept it as a challenge and that makes our family stronger than before. My husband told me that we need to be strong for our children, he knows that we can overcome this not soon but hoping for a better days ahead. Ika nga nya “Tuloy parin ang buhay”, kaya every time na I’m feeling tired and giving up, I just look at my children and napapangiti ako. Why? Because I know I must have done something right and good to deserve them in my life. My children are the greatest blessings that we received from God kaya kahit na super tired ako, I have no reason to complain because I am happy and blessed. I make sure to spend my time with them pag uwi ko, kaya kahit pagod from work, daretso na ko sa pakikipaglaro sa mga anak ko. Seeing them happy and when I hear my children laughing, it becomes my happy moment too because their laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

We’re in the middle class family; we’re both working in a corporate world and well compensated. We have lots of dreams in life, we want to travel around the world with the kids, we want our children to go to exclusive school and provide everything they need. Kaya kami nagsusumikap mag asawa to reach our dreams together, not only for us but for our little family. I will share with you this word of wisdom that I got from a friend,

If you fail never give up because F.A.I.L means “First Attempt In Learning”
End is not the end, in fact E.N.D means “Effort Never Dies”
If you get NO as an answer, remember N.O means “Next Opportunity”
So let’s be POSITIVE!
Again, I’m TIRED but definitely NOT giving up. Ciao! 
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