Le Grand Cirque, Live Manila!

Last December 24, together with my husband and ChingChing, we were able to witness one of the most prestige and big-scale circus in town – Le Grand Cirque. Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the complimentary tickets. 

We were seated at the VIP portion of the Araneta Coliseum that’s why we were able to witness the acrobatics, aerial tricks and amazing stunts up close.  Sharing with you some of the highlights of the event and be amazed on the spectacular acts done by the most talented and world-class artist from different country.

Some of the stunts they performed are the Aerial trapeze, Fire Dance, Hoop Diving and my favorite – The Strongmen. Remember, these are just some of the electrifying acts from the 2 hour Las Vegas style show. Although sometimes some of them fall during the performance, they still stand up and continue what they are doing. Ang galing napaka professional talaga.

Overall, we really enjoyed the show and one of the best gifts ever for our daughter as she keeps on saying “Wow! Ang galing”!” until the end of the show. Nakakatuwa! 
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